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  1. When Parents Push to Repeat a Grade
  2. It's just a myth: 'underpaid' teachers (Chicago Sun-Times)
  3. Should teachers be paid for performance?
  4. What if 'English Only' Isn't Wrong? (WSJ)
  5. The surprising thing teachers want from parents
  6. Can't wait to see "Waiting for 'Superman'"
  7. When Does Holding Teachers Accountable Go Too Far?
  8. How engaged are you in your child's education?
  9. In a New Role, Teachers Move to Run Schools
  10. Kindergarten: It's the new first grade
  11. Working mom finds it hard to kick the school volunteer habit
  12. Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
  13. Why we can't afford small classes anymore
  14. Jen Wana: Choosing the Right Preschool for Your Child
  15. Can you cut it as a teacher?
  16. Testing, the Chinese Way
  17. Urban Public Education and the Betrayal of Meritocracy
  18. New sites like DreamBox, Mad Science helping kids learn
  19. Tips on How Long an Essay for Private School Application Should Be
  20. Schools would be great if it weren't for the kids...
  21. Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom
  22. How Americans really feel about public schools
  23. Merit pay for teachers have little effect on student achievement
  24. What "school refusal" means and how to fix it
  25. Audit: S.F. schools outdated on special ed
  26. Say goodbye to Dodgeball, and say hello to Skateboarding in P.E.
  27. Texas school board to ditch pro-Islam textbooks
  28. Obama: D.C. schools don't measure up to his daughter's private school
  29. Obama: Money without reform won't fix school system
  30. 4,100 Students Prove ‘Small Is Better’ Rule Wrong
  31. If I Wasn’t a Teacher, Here’s What I’d Probably Think About Fixing Education
  32. Laura Bush Unveils Bold Principal-Training Initiative
  33. Resources for Admissions Test Prep
  34. Making Math Lessons as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause ...
  35. For Tony Danza, teaching is an emotional experience
  36. University Prep follows growing trend of single-sex schools
  37. How handwriting trains the brain
  38. Acing Parent-Teacher Conferences
  39. Race to Nowhere: An education film that gets it
  40. Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children
  41. How to create nonreaders (by killing students' motivation)
  42. How to fix our schools: A manifesto by Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee and other education leaders
  43. Can We Teach Creative and Critical Thinking?
  44. The Playground Gets Even Tougher
  45. School Pride: Extreme Makeover Home Edition meets Rundown Schools
  46. Mayoral Control Alone Doesn't Fix Schools, Rutgers Institute Study Finds
  47. Why Early Childhood Education Matters
  48. What's a 4-Year-Old Doing in Kindergarten?
  49. Can everybody please get along for the sake of our kids?
  50. Despite Image, Union Leader Backs School Change
  51. Money and the Market for High Quality Schools
  52. Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: The iPhone
  53. Teaching teachers - Can teachers get better?
  54. How Teacher Performance Assessments Can Measure and Improve Teaching
  55. New data on bullying: 17% report regular abuse
  56. Leadership: We Need it from Teachers
  57. Brilliance in a Box - What do the best classrooms in the world look like?
  58. NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on teaching today
  59. Court Rules That Teachers Have No Free Speech Rights on Curriculum
  60. Bill Gates: What I've Learned About Great Teachers
  61. Evaluations of principals’ effectiveness are often an afterthought
  62. Parents: How to raise a creative genius
  63. Building Teacher Accountability from the Ground Up
  64. British Kids Log On and Learn Math — in Punjab
  65. Science Grows on Acquiring New Language
  66. Kids Haven’t Changed; Kindergarten Has
  67. In School Turnarounds, the Human Element is Crucial
  68. A publisher intervenes in his friends' feud over education reform and teacher unions
  69. Majority of Americans believe learning disabilities are a result of home environment or laziness
  70. How Smart Cafeterias Could Fight Childhood Obesity
  71. What is the Purpose of Public Education?
  72. Michelle Rhee and Adrian Fenty: How to Overhaul the U.S. Education System
  73. Parents Unite Against Dumb School Fundraisers!
  74. Advice from teachers, advocates and researchers for California's governor-elect Jerry Brown
  75. Disney Junior and Nick Jr. Square Off in Fight for Preschoolers' TV Viewing
  76. Putting Nutrition at the Head of the School Lunch Line
  77. Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected
  78. When it comes to math, even the best students in the U.S. lag those in other countries
  79. Boys' Self-Esteem Problems in School
  80. Major revision of teacher training programs urged by panel of top educators
  81. How prevalent is cheating in schools?
  82. Students speak out against standardized testing!
  83. Outdated teaching is failing our children
  84. Who Is Best Qualified to Run a School System?
  85. Research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong - and how we can fix it.
  86. Bill Gates tells school superintendents to rebuild the school budget based on excellence
  87. Educating high and low achievers in the same classroom - does differentiated instruction work?
  88. Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction
  89. How cool is this - Astronauts to speak from Space Station with Middle School Students
  90. Studies That Grade Charter Schools Rely on Imperfect Math
  91. Is it harder for affluent schools to have good character?
  92. Why a successful SF designer decided to teach in North Carolina's poorest county?
  93. Why Aren't our Schools Encouraging our Kids to Reach for the Stars Anymore?
  94. Video of Randi Weingarten, President of AFT, speaking about education reform
  95. Where High School Dropout Rates are Highest... and Lowest
  96. The Prep School Negro - A documentary about the experiences of African American students at elite prep schools
  97. Feedback from parents on their vision for an effective partnership between parents and teachers
  98. National school lunch program likely to be overhauled
  99. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers
  100. Frazzled Moms Push Back Against School Volunteering
  101. Affordability of Independent Day and Boarding Schools
  102. Teacher Ratings Get New Look, Pushed by Bill Gates
  103. No nuts in the classroom - how far is too far for nut bans?
  104. Inside look into the standardized test scoring process - who does it and how it's done
  105. America's Chinese Problem - Reports of Progress Are Wrong
  106. Top Test Scores From Shanghai Stun Educators
  107. Bill Gates Pushes Closer Ties Between Charter Schools and District Public Schools
  108. Race to Nowhere - Parents Embrace Documentary on Pressures of School
  109. Why urban schools don't need gifted programs
  110. How the world's most improved school systems keep getting better
  111. Study backs 'value-added' analysis of teacher effectiveness
  112. Over two-thirds of adults blame parents for education problems
  113. Education Secretary Arne Duncan Rethinks Education Plan and Goals
  114. Is the Golden Age of Education Spending Over?
  115. A Box? Or a Spaceship? What Makes Kids Creative?
  116. What can schools and parents do to relieve the résumé-building pressure that young people are feeling?
  117. Bad Schools Rarely Get Better—or Shut Down
  118. Why parents should listen to their child's teachers -- especially when they don't like what they hear
  119. Michelle Rhee: "I don't think there is a need for tenure."
  120. Girls Outperforming Boys in Reading, Says Recent Report from Center on Education Policy
  121. NBER Report: Great Teachers Are Worth $400,000 A Year
  122. Experts Begin to Identify Nonacademic Skills Key to Success in College and Career
  123. Economist’s Plan to Improve Schools Begins Before Kindergarten
  124. In Budget Crunch, Science Fairs Struggle to Survive
  125. Learning from Finland - How one of the world’s top educational performers turned around
  126. A once-stalled reading program drops old rules and helps teachers who want more structure
  127. New federal law makes interns qualified to teach
  128. Jeb Bush's Influence on Education Policy Spreads
  129. More Schools Embracing iPad as Learning Tool
  130. When Passion Drives Instruction, No Child is Left Behind
  131. Anti-bullying program quashes playground gossip
  132. School of Thought: 11 Education Activists for 2011
  133. Is Any High School Really Worth $136,000?
  134. Rethinking Advanced Placement Courses
  135. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
  136. Miss Representation: Inside look at the media’s disparaging portrayal of women
  137. America's education system is broken - Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst.org releases its plan to fix it
  138. Failing Kindergarteners? You Cannot be Serious!
  139. Pussycat in 'Tiger Mom'? - The real story behind Amy Chua's Book 'Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother'
  140. U.S. plan aims to make school meals more healthy
  141. Social, Emotional, and Character Development: The Heart of Student Learning
  142. Why Doesn't Barbie Play With Polly Pocket?
  143. In a New Training Program, Students Teach Teachers
  144. Exactly what is 'Chinese Parenting'? Is there such a thing as a typical Chinese parent?
  145. No More Mrs. Nice Mom
  146. Videotaping teachers the right way (not the Gates way)
  147. Helping Girls Develop a 'Growth Mindset' and Become Inventors
  148. Why Do Boys Like Sticks?
  149. Mr. President, We Want Your Children's Education, Too
  150. American schools more segregated today than when MLK died
  151. American Federation of Teachers Offers Plan to Overhaul Discipline of Teachers
  152. To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test - Test Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying
  153. School Lunches - Would You Eat Them? One Teacher Did It Every Day for One Year and Blogged About It.
  154. How to choose a school for your child
  155. Test Results Show Few American Students Proficient in Science
  156. Teachers and nanny cams: Compliance vs. trust
  157. New public education advocacy org Parents Across America launches with NYC education forum on Feb. 7
  158. United States Education Dashboard
  159. A balanced education - Is art as superfluous to a child’s education as sugar cereal to a breakfast?
  160. Teen Turns Texting Into Anti-Bullying Tool for Schools
  161. High school biology teachers reluctant to endorse evolution in class
  162. In Hypercompetitive South Korea, Pressures Mount on Young Pupils
  163. Democracy in schools: Preached but not practiced
  164. Why teachers shouldn't keep kids busy every second
  165. Legislator propose bill for teachers to grade parents
  166. Bullying Studies Take Aim at Playground Gossip
  167. Harvard Report Questions Value of 'College for All'
  168. Rote memorization: Overrated, or underrated?
  169. Study Finds Social-Skills Teaching Boosts Academics
  170. Despite Obama's Urging, Education Policy Stymies Science Students And Science Fairs
  171. End of diversity policy leaves a Southern school district divided
  172. U.S. Plan to Replace Principals Hits Snag: Who Will Step In?
  173. Bullying May Accompany Drive to Be Popular
  174. How do Teachers Propose to Measure Student Outcomes?
  175. Technology and Schools: Should We Add More or Pull the Plug?
  176. Educating Our Children: Catholic Schools Doing More With Less
  177. California schools rate near top on passing Advanced Placement tests
  178. Michelle Obama: No Facebook For My Girls
  179. Don't Tell Me Your Kid is Gifted!
  180. California Board of Education puts the brakes on parent-trigger law
  181. When should kids be able to read?
  182. When whacking kids at school is legal
  183. Teach for America: 5 Myths That Persist 20 Years On
  184. The myth of declining U.S. schools: They've long been mediocre
  185. Riverside Unified School District in California Pushes Digital Textbook Initiative Forward
  186. Colorblindness and Grading
  187. Mandatory TDAP Immunization for California Students
  188. Born This Way...Yep. (And Coming Out Gifted)
  189. Closing the Achievement Gap Without Widening a Racial One
  190. Teacher: If I were Bill Gates (here’s how I would help improve the profession)
  191. Never say, "You're so smart," to your child!
  192. Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools
  193. The problem(s) with Obama’s 2012 education budget
  194. The Michelle Rhee You Don't Know
  195. The Trouble With Bright Girls - Ability Doesn't Always Lead to Confidence
  196. Suburban Philadelphia teacher strikes nerve with 'lazy whiners' blog about her students
  197. Studies Point to New Way to Identify ADHD
  198. Going Exponential: Growing the Charter School Sector’s Best
  199. Schools Sacrificing Gifted Programs to Balance Budgets
  200. Outraged Over 'No Child Left Behind'? You Should Be, But Not For The Reasons You Think.
  201. Financial Literacy to Be Tested on International Exam
  202. Providence, RI School District fires all 1,926 of its teachers
  203. Leader of Teachers’ Union Urges Dismissal Overhaul
  204. The Real Reason Private Schools like Fieldston and Riverdale Country Drop AP Tests
  205. A Dad Uses the Old Maid Card Game to Bully-Proof His Daughter
  206. Dr. Kim Har of Aristotle Circle Shares Tips for Finding the Right Preschool for Your Child
  207. Is America's best high school soft on math?
  208. Fostering the Wonder of How Things Work
  209. How To Make Schools Better: 13-Year-Old Prodigy's Recipe For Educational Success
  210. Bill Gates: How teacher development could revolutionize our schools
  211. Jon Stewart's defense of teachers
  212. Video Games Good For Kids' Brains? 10 Surprising Truths About Learning And Gaming
  213. PBS: Digital Media - New Learners of the 21st Century
  214. Proposed Cuts Have Teachers Wondering Why the Scorn
  215. Device For Democracy? iPad 2 Could Level Educational Playing Field
  216. Senate Moderates Release NCLB Overhaul Plan
  217. Parents Clash over Gay Curriculum Proposal
  218. Jon Stewart sits down with education historian Diane Ravitch
  219. Alfie Kohn: Why Making Kids Do Homework Has No Meaningful Benefit
  220. How to Build Better Kids: Invest in Early Childhood
  221. Tight Budgets Mean Squeeze in Classrooms
  222. Bipartisan Group Backs Common School Curriculum
  223. What was one thing you wished you’d known when you started teaching?
  224. Brainy and Famous! Celebrities With Graduate Degrees
  225. When test scores seem too good to believe
  226. Results of the 27th annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher released today
  227. The School Bullying Checklist: 7 Signs Your Child May Be A Victim
  228. Arne Duncan: 82 Percent of Schools Could Be 'Failing' This Year
  229. Making Kids Work on Setting Goals (And Not Just In Soccer)
  230. 3 Ways to Show Your Kids That It's Not About Being Good, It's About Getting Better
  231. Is Bill Gates Misrepresenting Data to Further His Education Agenda?
  232. Should an Ex-**** Star Be Allowed to Teach?
  233. Schools Report Positive Benefits of Separating Boys And Girls for Lunch
  234. President Obama Urges Overhaul of No Child Left Behind
  235. The Trouble with Boys - How to Help Your Son Thrive in School
  236. U.S. Urged to Raise Teachers’ Status And Treat Them Like 'Nation Builders'
  237. Stereotypes that mathematics is for boys, not for girls, develop as early as second grade
  238. 'Cracking the Code' Wins 2011 Intel Science Talent Search for Math Whiz
  239. Looking for Summer Camps with a Technology Focus?
  240. We're Born to Learn, Not to Be Taught
  241. Web-Based Russian Math Curriculum Shows Positive Results
  242. Lessons from Finland: An interview with Henna Virkkunen, Finland’s Minister of Education
  243. Future Schools: Blending face-to-face and online learning
  244. Research shows that teaching kids more and more, at ever-younger ages, may backfire
  245. The search for a new way to test kids
  246. 40,000 teachers on 5 ways to improve schools
  247. Michelle Rhee's Bipartisan School-Reform Movement and the Assault on Teachers
  248. Fewer Schools Deemed 'Dropout Factories'
  249. One Study Shows Diet May Help ADHD Kids More Than Drugs
  250. Only 1 in 3 California students make the grade in physical-fitness test