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  1. All SF SFUSD - Five Year Comparison of Round 1 Demand
  2. All SF Round One Assignment for SFUSD 2010-11 SY
  3. All SF New student assignment system for SFUSD: An update from Rachel Norton
  4. All SF Looking for insight into SF public Mandarin immersion programs...
  5. All SF Thoughts on the new SFUSD new student placement policy?
  6. West Portal-Forest Hill How does the new SFUSD proposal impact the fabric of the Clarendon community?
  7. Hayes Valley-USF Feedback from a current NT parent on New Traditions
  8. All SF Ups and downs of a San Francisco parent's public school application process
  9. All SF Hidden gem public schools in SF?
  10. All SF Rachel Norton: Sifting through feedback on SFUSD student assignment
  11. All SF Thoughts on SFUSD's proposed middle school feeder patterns and the petitions out there?
  12. All SF Any point doing a whirlwind tour of the public schools any more?
  13. Pac Hts-Marina First Impressions of Sherman
  14. All SF SFUSD Elementary School Tour Schedule
  15. All SF Preference for native speakers in language immersion in new policy?
  16. All SF Looking for great arts program at a SF public elementary school
  17. All SF SF public beyond 2nd grade?
  18. Miraloma-Sunnyside Miraloma - Great principal, great teachers, great school
  19. All SF Please help me understand the lottery portion of the student assignment policy
  20. All SF Happy and Content at Creative Arts Charter School (San Francisco)
  21. Hayes Valley-USF Join the fun at New Traditions' Fall Festival
  22. All SF When will SFUSD and SFBOE stop doing social experiments on our children?
  23. Hayes Valley-USF Creative Arts Charter School (K-8) Tour Dates
  24. All SF A peek at the new transportation proposal
  25. All SF How does the waitlist work in the new student assignment system?
  26. All SF SFUSD Kindergarten Enrollment Fair on Sat, Nov 13
  27. SOMA-Potrero School Beat: Why I Love Starr King Elementary School
  28. All SF When do school tours run until?
  29. SOMA-Potrero School house rock for Starr King, Nov 6th
  30. Mission-Bernal Paul Revere Annual Walk-A-Thon and Silent Auction
  31. All SF The Most Important ‘Web’ for Learning: How community schools can support our kids
  32. All SF SF school district goes after residency cheats
  33. All SF Another Ad Hoc Meeting on Student Assignment - November 8
  34. All SF Rachel Norton recaps student assignment committee meeting
  35. Pac Hts-Marina Not impressed with the Claire Lillienthal tour?
  36. All SF Caring and Community Beyond the Curriculum
  37. All SF SFUSD new school bus system
  38. Noe-Glen Park Fairmount Elementary Bilingual Open House Nov. 30th at 6:00 pm
  39. All SF If you had a choice, is there a public school in SF you'd rather send your child to than a private school?
  40. All SF Rachel Norton: Student assignment and transportation: meeting recap
  41. All SF Parents Transforming Schools Workshop by Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco
  42. Twin Peaks-Castro Takeway from the Rooftop Tour
  43. All SF Crazy to put only 3 schools down for the lottery?
  44. All SF Enrollment events and additional locations to turn in enrollment app
  45. All SF Rachel Norton: A curve ball on middle school assignment
  46. All SF What happens if we get bumped from our attendance area school?
  47. All SF Bring original docs to the EPC when submitting your application
  48. All SF Special Education Resources for Parents in San Francisco
  49. Mission-Bernal Buena Vista and Horace Mann merger plan
  50. All SF Latest update on the SFUSD Middle School Feeder Pattern Proposal
  51. All SF Proposed Transportation Plans for San Francisco Public Schools
  52. All SF Is Clarendon JBBP citywide or part of attendance area?
  53. West Portal-Forest Hill Takeway from the Clarendon Tour
  54. All SF SF Public School Transportation Changes
  55. Mission-Bernal Hope and Anxiety at Buena Vista Elementary
  56. All SF Rachel Norton: Lots of public comments for the 3/8/11 BOE Meeting
  57. All SF 2011-2012 San Francisco Public School Calendar
  58. All SF Please share your public school assignment
  59. All SF Community meetings on K-8 Feeder plans continue- your input is necessary
  60. All SF SFUSD March 2011 School Assignment Offers
  61. Noe-Glen Park 7th grade openings at James Lick Middle School
  62. All SF Questions about SFUSD Round 2 Assignment
  63. All SF The skinny on school assignment for twins in the new system
  64. All SF Anything else I need to bring to the EPC besides the Amended Choices Request form?
  65. All SF Improving school food - parent input needed!
  66. All SF Sanchez Elementary School -- New Spanish FLES program
  67. All SF Grattan Online Auction is open with amazing items!
  68. Richmond-Presidio Join the fun at Peabody's Pirate Palooza Spring Carnival on May 14
  69. All SF What an “all cuts” budget for San Francisco public schools looks like
  70. SOMA-Potrero Plant and bake sale - this Saturday at Daniel Webster
  71. All SF What's next for the middle school feeder pattern proposal
  72. All SF Bay Area 2010 Base API Scores Released for California Schools
  73. All SF PPS-SF and PAC Present Their Report on San Francisco Middle School Quality and Feeder Patterns
  74. All SF Round 2 School Assignment Offers
  75. Hayes Valley-USF Arts curriculum at New Traditions
  76. All SF SFUSD made errors assigning language immersion programs
  77. All SF Things I Wish I’d Known: Current Mandarin immersion parents offer answers
  78. All SF SF BOE rethinking middle school feeder pattern implementation?
  79. All SF Middle school feeder plan: pros and cons
  80. All SF List of schools with potential openings for open enrollment
  81. All SF Survey of GATE / Honors programs at San Francisco middle schools
  82. Cole Valley-Duboce Grattan losing Jean Robertson as principal
  83. Noe-Glen Park SFUSD overassigned students to Alvarado?
  84. All SF SF BOE Unanimously Approves Middle School Feeder Plan
  85. All SF San Francisco Middle School Comparison Chart
  86. All SF Getting Ready for Kindergarten Workshop Presented by PPS-SF
  87. All SF SFUSD August placement results?
  88. All SF James Lick MS has spots in 7th and 8th grade
  89. All SF Group of parents of children who have no school heading downtown on Monday at 10:00
  90. All SF Bay Area California DOE Released 2011 STAR Test Results
  91. All SF Rachel Norton updates on the first week of school
  92. All SF The Great Lunch Meltdown of 2011
  93. All SF My kid is way ahead of grade: what to do ? Skip a grade in the SFUSD ?
  94. All SF Starr King Mandarin Immersion Program has spots for K
  95. All SF What's so great about Rooftop?
  96. All SF The solutions are changing in San Francisco's math classes
  97. All SF SFUSD Elementary School Tour Schedule for 2011-2012
  98. All SF Any changes to CTIP1 priority assignment?
  99. All SF SFUSD Committee on Student Assignment meets next Wednesday
  100. All SF San Francisco parents seek removal of Paul Revere School’s principal
  101. All SF Bay Area Transitional Kindergarten: Questions and Some Answers
  102. All SF Three Reasons San Francisco Public Schools May Not Be for You
  103. All SF SFUSD Enrollment Fair Survival Guide
  104. Twin Peaks-Castro McKinley Open House November 19
  105. All SF San Francisco middle school feeder school assignment tiebreaker clarification
  106. All SF Comparison of Middle School Capacity and Feeder Schools Enrollment
  107. All SF SFUSD San Francisco Public School Special Education Workshops
  108. West Portal-Forest Hill Chinese Immersion Program Information Night at West Portal Elementary 12/8
  109. All SF 2012-2013 Academic Calendar for San Francisco Public Schools
  110. All SF Is it true San Francisco middle schools won't have honors classes?
  111. All SF Question about the SF public school assisngment system
  112. All SF SFUSD planning to make Alice Fong Yu dual-immersion?
  113. All SF Turn in your applications by January 27
  114. All SF My SFUSD ranked list...
  115. All SF Clarendon opening up new 4th grade class for next year
  116. All SF No Transitional Kindergarten for SFUSD for 2012-2013 School Year
  117. All SF Transitional Kindergarten
  118. All SF SFUSD Transitional Kindergarten FAQ
  119. All SF Fight to revive SF transitional kindergarten plan
  120. All SF Rachel Norton recaps Feb 28 education board meeting: layoffs will skip Superintendent’s Zone schools
  121. All SF SFUSD will be offering Transitional Kindergarten at 2 locations this fall (2012-2013)
  122. All SF Annual Report for SFUSD Student Assignment 2011-2012
  123. All SF San Francisco public school assignment lottery for 2012-2013 - Please share
  124. All SF SFUSD and TK
  125. All SF Mandarin Immersion Welcome Meeting on April 3
  126. All SF What to do after receiving you March SFUSD assignment letters
  127. All SF Statistics on SFUSD March 2012 Student Assignment Offers
  128. All SF Jefferson Elementary
  129. All SF We're new here...please help!
  130. All SF SFUSD releases fact sheet on how the student assignment-transfer process works
  131. All SF Mandarin Masters: Starr King's 1st Mandarin Immersion Class Grows Up
  132. All SF PPS Getting Ready for Kindergarten in San Francisco workshop
  133. All SF Daniel Webster in Potero Hill is a success story
  134. All SF SFUSD Round 2 Assignment Letters for 2012-2013?
  135. All SF Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Now Available at Five Early Education Schools
  136. All SF Open Enrollment Begins Monday June 4
  137. All SF Fewer S.F. schools receive lowest ranking in the 2011-2012 California API
  138. All SF California API Scores for San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) 2011-2012
  139. All SF Farewell, SFUSD
  140. All SF SFUSD acknowledges student assignment mistakes for 2012-2013
  141. All SF 2012-2013 Wait Pools by School and Grade
  142. All SF Transitional Kindergarten Offer Letters Sent Out
  143. All SF Reminder: Waitpool modification deadline 7/20
  144. All SF August 6 Waitpool Run
  145. All SF First day of school for 2012-2013!
  146. All SF missed wait pool deadline
  147. All SF Waitpool notifications
  148. All SF SFUSD considering feeding Daniel Webster to Everett?
  149. All SF Sherman teacher removed from classroom after parents complain
  150. All SF Waitpool update
  151. All SF Rooftop Combats Bullying By Empowering Student Leaders
  152. All SF Five first grade Mandarin Immersion spots at Starr King
  153. All SF Kindergarten Spots at Sherman
  154. All SF Middle school grades to remain at International Studies Academy (ISA) on Potrero Hill
  155. All SF Parents expressing concerns with a teacher at New Traditions
  156. All SF Alice Fong Yu Fall Carnival | Saturday, 9/22 10-3pm
  157. All SF 2012-2013 San Francisco Middle School Tour and Open House Information
  158. All SF 2012-2013 San Francisco Elementary School Tour Schedule
  159. All SF San Francisco Unified School District Receives Academic Performance Index of 807 for 2012
  160. All SF 2013-14 Public School Enrollment Fair on Sat, Nov 3, 2012
  161. All SF Ice cream ‘n Swing! Event at J. Serra - Nov 10
  162. All SF Alice Fong Yu Principal Liana Szeto Receives National Award
  163. All SF Update on Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP) Pathway at Presidio
  164. All SF SFUSD Spring Transfer letters
  165. All SF 2013-2014 San Francisco Public School Calendar
  166. All SF Fifth Grade Familes Need to Turn in Your SFUSD Middle School Applications
  167. All SF Openings at Clarendon Alternative Elementary for 2013-2014 in Gen Ed program
  168. All SF San Francisco Public School Placement Offers 2013
  169. All SF San Francisco Public School Enrollment Highlights 2013
  170. All SF SFUSD - Description of the Student Assignment Process
  171. All SF Participating in Round 2 May Placement Period
  172. All SF Schools, Grades, Programs with Potential Openings for May Placement Period
  173. All SF SFUSD Releases Student Assignment Annual Report for the 2012-2013 School Year
  174. All SF Round 2 Letters Mailed Today
  175. All SF Grades 1-5 Openings at Clarendon
  176. All SF Top 20 San Francisco Elementary Schools Based on 2012 California API Scores
  177. All SF Moving to SF from overseas -- need some help with the kindergarten application process
  178. All SF Wait pool list for 2013-14 School Year as of July 19
  179. All SF SFUSD Starts on Monday 8/19!
  180. All SF Revising CTIP1 areas for 2014-2015 SFUSD enrollment
  181. All SF EPC Round 5 Update for 2013-2014 School Year
  182. All SF Top 20 San Francisco Elementary Schools Based on 2013 California API Scores
  183. All SF More green space expected at Starr King Elementary in San Francisco
  184. All SF 2013-2014 San Francisco Elementary School Tour Schedule
  185. All SF SF Board of Education Ad Hoc Meeting on Student Assignment February 12, 2014
  186. All SF 2014 San Francisco Public School Placement Letters Round 1
  187. All SF San Francisco Public School Enrollment Highlights 2014
  188. All SF Nine San Francisco elementary schools named 2014 California Distinguished Schools
  189. All SF 2014 San Francisco Public School Placement Letters Round 2
  190. All SF SFUSD Releases 3rd Student Assignment Annual Report for the 2013-2014 School Year
  191. All SF S.F. schools' special-education shift creates upheaval
  192. All SF SF BOE Member Rachel Norton Proposing Changes to SFUSD Student Assignment System
  193. All SF SF school board postpones vote on school assignment policy
  194. All SF Grattan's computer lab plugs on — with or without Salesforce
  195. All SF Monroe Tours and Community Event on Sunday
  196. All SF 2014 Tours at New Traditions
  197. All SF 'Golden ticket’ to entice enrollment at Willie Brown middle school
  198. All SF Summary of BOE Vote on Willie Brown Jr. Middle School feeder plan
  199. All SF 2013-2014 Data on school assignments for K students who put their AA school first
  200. All SF SFBOE Meeting Recap: Student Assignment Committee, Feb. 5
  201. All SF San Francisco Public School Placement Offers 2015
  202. All SF New SF school assignment policy fails at Board of Education