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  1. All NYC Getting into Kindergarten in NYC
  2. All NYC What's the best way to go - private school or public?
  3. All NYC Need help / advice with ERB Test prep
  4. All NYC Where would you draw the line in prepping for the ERB?
  5. All NYC Karen Quinn: The 7-Abilities Children Need For Testing and Kindergarten Success
  6. BK-All Kindergarten Vs. 1st Grade Admissions
  7. All NYC How accommodating are schools in scheduling interviews and playdates?
  8. All NYC School Grading system: what does it really tell us parents?
  9. All NYC Did you see the ERB Testing Age Brackets on Aristotle Circle's website?
  10. All NYC Common questions about testing young children
  11. All NYC Aristotle Circle Dr. Kim Har gives inside peek at ERB/WPPSI Workbook
  12. All NYC How to ask the right questions during the admissions process
  13. All NYC The Blackboard Awards' top elementary and middle schools in New York City
  14. All NYC G&T wait until 1st grade
  15. All NYC How to Read an ERB Results Report
  16. All NYC Go where child is accepted or go on waitlist for top choice?
  17. All NYC Tele-seminar by TestingMom.com to answer questions about G&T testing
  18. All NYC Should we bother reviewing DOE's OLSAT material?
  19. All NYC If goal is Hunter or citywide, should we still do FC or ILY letters to the private schools we're applying to?
  20. All NYC Should you prep your child in G&T Testing?
  21. All NYC What is the difference between FC or ILY letters?
  22. All NYC Aristotle Circle's Dr. Kim Har Talks About Kindergarten Testing: To Prepare or Not to Prepare?
  23. All NYC Ques. about G&T test
  24. All NYC Which admission process do you prefer - Hunter's or private schools?
  25. All NYC Gifted & Talented test is “just like homework”
  26. All NYC Seminars to help guide parents through gifted school options in NYC
  27. All NYC Free ERB practice test download
  28. All NYC Video of the NYC Kindergarten Admissions Panel at Symphony Space
  29. All NYC Three different waitlist letters and what they really mean
  30. All NYC Gifted child other options beside G&T
  31. All NYC What NYC parents need to know about changes to the WPPSI™-IV if their child will be taking the ERBs
  32. All NYC Test Service Says 7,000 NYC Private School Applicants Got Incorrect Scores
  33. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Matrix reasoning
  34. All NYC Aristotle Circle Creates Fans and Skeptics for Matching Private School Insiders and Prospective Parents
  35. All NYC Anybody with a spot in private school waiting for G&T placement?
  36. All NYC Sibling policies in New York City public and private schools
  37. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Block Design
  38. All NYC Single sex school options (private and public) in NYC
  39. All NYC Jewish Day School options in Manhattan
  40. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Arithmetic
  41. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Comprehension
  42. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Common physical tasks
  43. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Following directions
  44. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Similarities
  45. All NYC Helping your children practice their verbal skills over the summer
  46. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Vocabulary
  47. All NYC Building Skills Over the Summer: Reading
  48. All NYC Working with your child on the Coding subtest of the ERB
  49. All NYC Working with your child on ERB's Block Design subtest
  50. All NYC Get ahead on test prep: Coding
  51. All NYC What to Expect on the ECAA One-to-One (ERB)
  52. All NYC Working with your Child on the Matrix Reasoning subtest
  53. All NYC Working With Your Child on ERB's Picture Concepts
  54. All NYC Working with your Child: Vocabulary and Similarities
  55. All NYC Workshops for parents of 2e children (gifted and special needs) in New York City
  56. All NYC Free teleseminar with Aristotle Circle's Dr. Kim Har on testing for G&T and private schools
  57. All NYC Q&A with Jennifer Brozost & Vimmi Shroff of Private Education Advisory Services
  58. All NYC Top 10 Tips for the Admission Season in NYC!
  59. All NYC What to expect on the WISC-IV - Verbal Portion?
  60. All NYC What to expect on the WISC-IV - Memory and Processing Portion?
  61. All NYC What to expect on the WISC-IV - Reasoning Portion?
  62. All NYC You Have Scheduled a School Tour. Now What?
  63. All NYC What to expect on the WPPSI-III and ERB
  64. All NYC Podcast: How should parents of twins handle different scores?
  65. All NYC Cutoff score on test scores.
  66. All NYC Aristotle Circle's Dr. Kim Har shares advice for billingual children taking admissions tests
  67. All NYC How to prepare for the OLSAT A Exam for New York's Gifted & Talented Admissions
  68. All NYC Should I hire a tutor for my young child to prepare for private school admissions testing?
  69. All NYC Go with District 2 public or private middle schools?
  70. All NYC The School Tour: Do Your Homework
  71. All NYC The School Tour: Eyes Wide Open
  72. All NYC How to use practice questions for NYC's standardized tests with young children
  73. All NYC 2011 Blackboard Awards for Outstanding New York City Middle Schools
  74. All NYC Bright Kids NYC Video Series for ISEE Test Preparation: Good Idea, Bad Idea
  75. All NYC Common mistakes children make on NYC kindergarten admissions tests
  76. All NYC Working with Your Child on the Figural Analogies Section in Admissions Tests
  77. All NYC How many questions can my child miss and still score 99% in OLSAT for NYC G&T entry?
  78. All NYC How to create a two-week plan to help your child prepare for the OLSAT
  79. All NYC P.A.L. Workshop: Shifting from the Best of Gifted Education to Talent Development by Rena Subotnik @ The Speyer Legacy School
  80. All NYC Touring a School? Look Beyond the Superficial
  81. All NYC Should my gifted child skip a grade?
  82. All NYC 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Child's NY State Regents Exam
  83. All NYC Insideschools presents: Applying to public elementary school workshop on Feb 7
  84. All NYC Test Accommodations for Middle & Upper School Gifted/2e Students--info session
  85. All NYC School Admissions? Even the Experts Are Overwhelmed
  86. All NYC Don't get overwhelmed by school admissions: 5 steps to take to stay on track
  87. All NYC The Key to Successfully Prepping Your Child for the Stanford-Binet? Start Early!
  88. All NYC A New Private School Consultant Enters the (Lucrative) Field
  89. All NYC What's the difference between skills needed for the OLSAT vs. ERB
  90. All NYC NYC DOE to Replace Bracken (BRSA) with Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2)
  91. All NYC Slight Jump Seen in Number of Students Who Took the ERB for NYC Private School Admissions
  92. All NYC Free Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) practice test
  93. Bronx Ps 007 why they don't provide school bus services
  94. All NYC Changes to the WPPSI-IV revealed: What they mean to you
  95. All NYC Big Change in Testing for NYC Gifted and Talented Programs
  96. All NYC Please postpone G&T testing dates due to Hurricane Sandy
  97. All NYC Free Resources for Gifted and Talented Testing from Aristotle Circle
  98. All NYC Change in G&T Sibling Preference Policy Will Divide Families
  99. All NYC NYC DOE scraps changes to G&T sibling policy
  100. All NYC Understanding the ISEE Lower Level Test for NYC Independent Middle School Admissions
  101. All NYC NYC’s Gifted and Talented bubbling and group administration controversies
  102. All NYC New York City Schools Struggle to Separate the Gifted From the Just Well-Prepared
  103. All NYC Changes to the WPPSI-IV revealed: What they mean to you
  104. All NYC New ERB Subtests In Effect Now!
  105. All NYC The lowdown on scheduling for the right test day for Hunter/Stanford-Binet test
  106. All NYC NYC G&T : Any news on attrition or summer placements yet ?
  107. Queens P.S 121 Queens gifted and talented
  108. BK-All PS 312-The Bergen Beach school
  109. All NYC Holiday Tipping / Gift giving?
  110. All NYC School Tours...Is it too early?
  111. All NYC g&t questions about middle school admission and standardized testing
  112. All NYC Question:: Should I put sibling preference/info for G&T placement?
  113. All NYC G&T in a B/C school vs Gen Ed in A school
  114. All NYC Brooklyn Sees Growth in Schools Consultants
  115. BK-All Intro to Public School talk this Wed. 5/14
  116. All NYC Parents Rip Success Academy for Not Sharing Locations of Proposed Charters
  117. All NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Administration Is Paying Higher-Than-Market Rent for Success Academy Charter Schools
  118. All NYC Success Charter Schools Secure More City Space to Expand
  119. All NYC Lower East Side Success Academy Delayed for 2 Years, Officials Say
  120. All NYC NYC School Zoning Plan Would Send Kids to Schools Based on Family's Income, Not Location
  121. All NYC Re-pay the classmate?
  122. BK-Ft Greene/Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy/Prospect Hts General NYC G&T vs Charter vs District School questions
  123. BK-All advice needed - -brooklyn prek
  124. All NYC Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?
  125. Queens Q300 G&T Queens (30th Avenue School)
  126. All NYC Honest advice regarding G&T prep? Especially for boys!
  127. All NYC A question about scores for standardized tests and interpreting them
  128. All NYC Middle school applications for kids with IEP's
  129. Manhattan-UWS UWS 1st Grade/97th percentile G and T- What would you recommend?
  130. BK-Other Q300 questions
  131. All NYC Anderson
  132. All NYC Brooklyn Parents Considering Nest+M
  133. All NYC Mark Twain DANCE
  134. All NYC Additional Kindergarten G&T class at PS 217 Roosevelt Island, District 2 an District 30
  135. All NYC Kindergarten Waitlist
  136. Queens PS 174 G&T or PS 196?
  137. Manhattan-All Admission to the city wide public middle schools from a private school
  138. All NYC What books are you using for the state exam?
  139. Manhattan-All invites to test for NEST+m Middle school
  140. All NYC opting out statewide tests
  141. All NYC G&t 2017-2018
  142. BK-All Taots
  143. All NYC PS111 and PS130 G&T
  144. All NYC phasing out G&T
  145. All NYC G&T test viewing
  146. All NYC Q300 vs TAG
  147. Manhattan-All Download free preparation worksheets for the Stanford-Binet (Hunter College Elementary School) exam!
  148. BK-All PS 282 - Kindergarten G&T program this Fall 2017
  149. All NYC G&t 2018-19
  150. All NYC Anderson Middle School test
  151. All NYC Ps 38 k gt classes 2018-2019
  152. Queens 28 district G&T school-ps 174 and ps144
  153. Queens District 25 Schools
  154. Queens District 26 G&T Kindergarten Schools 188, 203, 133,115
  155. Queens Queens District28 gifted and Talented scool ps144/ps174/ps121/ps220
  156. Manhattan-All GT schools that offer transportation?
  157. All NYC Q300 The 30th Avenue School - Middle School
  158. All NYC PS 111 G&T Open House
  159. Manhattan-All District 3 G&T programs - reviews/comments/feedback?
  160. BK-Other BSI 1st grade entry
  161. All NYC Re: Event Reminder - School Choice and Integration in NYC
  162. Queens PS244Q - The Active Learning Elementary School
  163. All NYC Q300 Waitlist
  164. All NYC G&T Books
  165. Queens Q499- Queens College School for Math, Science & Technology
  166. All NYC Free SHSAT Online Test Prep (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test)
  167. Manhattan-All school bus for PS 198
  168. Manhattan-Downtown Ps33 g&t
  169. All NYC Hunter 2019 Admissions
  170. All NYC Anyone get off the waitlist for second or third grade in late September or October?
  171. Manhattan-All Special-ed kid taking the G&T test
  172. Manhattan-All G&T K Applications for 2019-2020: New online system
  173. Manhattan-Downtown Downtown PS150 Petition to Stay
  174. Queens Q300 Afterschool Programs
  175. All NYC G&T testing location and potty break
  176. All NYC Many Gifted & Talented Books for sale; G&T Books
  177. All NYC any areas with guarenteed good elementary, middle and high schools?
  178. All NYC Has anyone received Hunter Round 1 result??
  179. All NYC Selling bundle of Bright Kids G&T books $200
  180. All NYC Question re: G&T 1st grade entry test and bubble sheets
  181. Queens Queens NY - Baccalaureate school for global education: Admission process
  182. All NYC Middle School Application Result
  183. Queens Best district G&T schools in Queens
  184. Manhattan-All District 2 G&T - Score 98 for 1st grade
  185. Manhattan-All Citywide G&T MS admissions process
  186. Manhattan-All DOE’s STEM Summer in the City
  187. All NYC Mamie Fay Middle School (The Academy) versus TAG Young Scholars Middle School
  188. All NYC Register your 'Aye' for bill to improve G&T and SHSAT/specialized high sch offerings
  189. All NYC Move from one citywide G&T to other
  190. Queens PS 122 G&T Middle School
  191. All NYC G&T test for 1st grade entry
  192. All NYC Special Music School
  193. Manhattan-All Middle school attendance question
  194. Queens District 25 middle school
  195. All NYC G&T Guidebook pdf?
  196. All NYC Taking the G&T test during Kindergarten and effect on current district G&T status
  197. Manhattan-All PS 340 Sixth Avenue Elementary School vs D2 G&T
  198. All NYC what is happening with summer camps?
  199. All NYC Petition for outdoor schooling
  200. Manhattan-All PS 33 vs PS 198 G & T
  201. All NYC Acceleration or skipping grades
  202. All NYC Kindergarten admissions
  203. All NYC Any thought on the future of citywide GT school
  204. Queens Kindergarten admissions vs gifted admissions
  205. All NYC Full G&T tests
  206. Manhattan-All PS 33 Chelsea Prep Gifted & Talented Open House
  207. All NYC State tests for grades 3-8 are optional this year
  208. Manhattan-UES Has anyone heard of Saint Ignatius Loyola School?
  209. Manhattan-All Received Lower Lab Invite - but live in BPC with child in PS 276 - what to do?
  210. Queens PS 188Q GT vs PS 203Q Reg
  211. All NYC Middle School Application Process 2022
  212. All NYC 2022-2023 Elementary NYC citywide G&T Lottery thoughts?
  213. Manhattan-UWS UWS Elementary Public Schools
  214. Manhattan-All District 2 Middle School - so its all lottery now baby