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  1. Manhattan-Downtown TriBeCa's P.S. 234 Accepts All Waitlisted Kindergarteners
  2. Manhattan-Downtown Crowded P.S. 276 tells parents whose kids are wait-listed for kindergarten to try private school
  3. All NYC 2012 G&T placements - please share
  4. Manhattan-Downtown Waitlisted Battery Park City Kindergarteners Will Go to Chinatown, DOE Says
  5. All NYC 2012 Public Middle School Admissions - How did everyone do?
  6. All NYC P.S. 59 Scraps Pre-K Program Amid Overcrowding
  7. All NYC The Academy of Talented Scholars - Brooklyn
  8. Manhattan-All Q&A with Bob O'Brien, Principal of PS 75 in UWS
  9. BK-All Overoffer for G&T program at Carroll Garden's PS 32
  10. All NYC P.S. 281 Will Not Have Middle School Seats, City Says
  11. All NYC NYC Pre-K: No seats for 30% of applicants
  12. All NYC With Parents' Support, P.S. 11 William T. Harris in Chelsea Goes Healthy
  13. BK-All PS 9 has lost $360K in funding - Emergency Fundraising Appeal
  14. All NYC PS 150 - The Foodiest School in New York?
  15. All NYC 2012 Exmissions data for PS 77 Lower Lab
  16. All NYC NYC's top public elementary schools based on 2012 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  17. All NYC NYC's top public middle schools based on 2012 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  18. All NYC Hunter College Elementary School Updated Its Admissions Process for 2013 Class
  19. BK-All Help!!
  20. BK-All New Success Charter Academy school opens in Cobble Hill
  21. All NYC One third of available seats go unfilled at sought-after Christa McAuliffe Middle School
  22. All NYC DOE Moving Gifted and Talented Program Out of I.S. 61 Because of Overcrowding
  23. All NYC Simmering tensions at NEST+M boil over on Curriculum Night
  24. All NYC P.S. 321's PTA Aims to Raise Nearly $1 Million This Year
  25. All NYC P.S. 276 (Battery Park City Schools) principal releases troubling overcrowding report
  26. All NYC DOE Unveils Plan to Shift Chelsea and West Village School Zones
  27. All NYC Gifted & Talented Admissions for the 2013-2014 School Year
  28. All NYC City Proposes Eliminating Elementary School Zones in Upper Manhattan
  29. All NYC Key changes to the NYC Gifted & Talented Program Scoring and Placement Policy for 2012-2013
  30. All NYC District 6 De-Zoning 1st Step to De-Zoning NYC Schools
  31. All NYC Zones for Popular P.S. 321 and P.S. 107 Could Shrink Under DOE Proposal
  32. All NYC P.S. 107 Principal Wants Kids to be School Leaders
  33. All NYC Parents irate that city may not guarantee gifted and talented middle school spots in District 30
  34. All NYC NYC School Help's two cents about re-zoning park slope
  35. All NYC Change in G&T Tests Doesn't Stop Test-Prep
  36. All NYC Parents Rally Against Park Slope School Rezoning Proposal
  37. All NYC New Gifted and Talented Test Leaves Parents Stumped
  38. All NYC Deadline to submit the G&T Request for Testing form extended to November 16
  39. All NYC City Releases New Rezoning Plan for Park Slope's P.S. 321
  40. All NYC Interview with Principal of P.S. 41, Kelly Shannon
  41. All NYC Controversial Rezoning for Park Slope's P.S. 321 Approved
  42. All NYC Students at four most sought after specialized high schools came primarily from selective middle schools
  43. All NYC Rezoning plan could mean no pre-k at P.S. 10 in Park Slope
  44. All NYC Rumors and Race Cause Park Slope Parents to Shun P.S. 282, Supporters Say
  45. All NYC New York City to require kindergarten...kind of
  46. All NYC Q&A with Liz Phillips of P.S. 321 in Park Slope
  47. All NYC Insideschools' middle school picks: Apply by Dec. 21
  48. All NYC kindergarten and prek dates 2013/14
  49. All NYC Hunter Round 2 Cutoff for 2012-2013 is 146
  50. All NYC Interview with Jane Murphy, PS 185 Magnet School for Early Childhood Discovery and Design
  51. All NYC Kips Bay Parents Fight Plan to Bring 'Underprivileged' Kids to New School PS 281
  52. All NYC Gifted, Talented and Separated - In P.S. 163 in UWS, Students Are Divided by Gifted Label
  53. All NYC P.S. 166 Parents Feel Slighted by Proposed Gifted Program for District 30
  54. All NYC 2013 NYC Kindergarten Enrollment Kicks Off Today, January 22 And Goes Through March 1
  55. BK-All Parents to Get Peek at New Park Slope School PS 118
  56. All NYC Q&A with James Lee, principal at P.S. 20 Anne Silver School in Lower East Side
  57. All NYC Principal of New PS 118 in Park Slope Says School Will Use Multicultural Approach
  58. All NYC Q&A with Terri Rutyer, Principal of PS/IS 276 in Battery Park City
  59. All NYC Panel Eliminates Village Parents' Choice Between P.S. 3 and P.S. 41
  60. All NYC Q&A with Elaine Schwartz, principal at The Center School in Upper West Side
  61. All NYC 'New Yorker' Writer Calvin Trillin Touts P.S. 3's West Village Spirit
  62. All NYC P.S. 10 Parents Push for Spanish Dual Language Program
  63. All NYC District 1 Offers Kindergarten Choices
  64. All NYC NYC Downtown Families Face Space Crunch in Beloved Schools
  65. All NYC UWS Parents Urged to Turn to Magnet Schools to Escape Overcrowding
  66. All NYC Upper East Side Parents Speak Out Against Charter Schools at P.S. 158
  67. All NYC Popular Downtown Schools Face Kindergarten Lotteries Once Again
  68. All NYC P.S. 166 Students Win Fight for Gifted Middle School Seats in Queens
  69. All NYC DOE to Cut Gifted Classes at Astoria's Prestigious P.S. 122
  70. All NYC New Gifted and Talented Program Could Open in East Village
  71. All NYC Kindergarten Application Deadline Is This Friday, March 1
  72. All NYC Q&A with New Principal of Brooklyn's Oldest Public Elementary School PS 34 Oliver Perry
  73. All NYC School waitlists increasing at P.S. 276, 234 & 89
  74. All NYC Queens Families Dismayed Over Overhaul of PS 122 Mamie Fay
  75. All NYC New Middle School in UES to Be Opened in Unused P.S. 158 Space
  76. All NYC New York City Public School Year Calendar for 2013-2014
  77. All NYC Q&A with Nicole Ziccardi, Appointed Principal of PS 281 The River School
  78. All NYC NYC Kindergarten Placements in the Mail
  79. All NYC Popular Downtown Schools Add Whopping 148 Children to Wait-List
  80. All NYC Please share your 2013 G&T results
  81. Manhattan-All Need advice on application
  82. All NYC NYC gifted and talented summary testing results 2013-2014
  83. How is a Sibling Pre-K Priority Affected by G&T Application
  84. All NYC Tour Reviews of G&T Programs
  85. All NYC Picked my GT schools. How does the process of picking work?
  86. All NYC Petition for Fair Admission Process for Gifted and Talented Program
  87. All NYC Question about the priority list for G&T
  88. All NYC More Than 2,300 Children Waitlisted for Kindergarten in NYC
  89. Manhattan-Downtown My son's experience at NEST+M
  90. Manhattan-All Eligible for G&T with low score + way-listed at zoned School
  91. All NYC 4th Grade Science Test
  92. All NYC STEM G&T program
  93. All NYC How does G&T sibling priority work?
  94. All NYC Perfect Score No Guarantee of Top Choice After Gifted and Talented Changes
  95. All NYC Missing test scores for G&t test
  96. All NYC G&T Tests Scored Wrong
  97. Manhattan-All NEST vs. Anderson
  98. All NYC Lower Lab vs TAG
  99. All NYC G&T Placement Policy
  100. Queens Ps 164 queens
  101. All NYC Impact of G&T Scoring Errors
  102. All NYC Parents for Using Composite Score for G&T placement
  103. All NYC against composite scores
  104. All NYC DOE Plan to Split STEM Academy, Citywide Gifted Program in Queens, Angers Some Parents
  105. All NYC Petition for composite score for gifted and talented
  106. All NYC Normalized Standard Score. Where can I find the table???
  107. Number of Spots Available for G&T Programs
  108. All NYC All Set for Siblings, Lottery for the Rest
  109. All NYC Placement Exception Request 2013
  110. All NYC G&T - And yet another error!!!!
  111. All NYC Normalized Standard Score: DEMAND the Table from Pearson/DOE
  112. Manhattan-All What position does my daughter hold in the wait list of PS 41? Outrageous that they won't tell us!!!
  113. All NYC Principal at my kids school won't respond to emails, actually refused to answer in writing.
  114. All NYC NYC G&T district-wise Results 2013-2014 ?
  115. All NYC Middle School Admissions Update for 2013-2014 School Year
  116. All NYC New York City Gifted-and-Talented Program's Math Is Questioned
  117. All NYC Understanding G&T Waiting:
  118. All NYC Has anyone been offered a seat at ps41 from the wait list?
  119. Queens Help for a new mom in Forest Hills
  120. All NYC Enrollment Office vs Schools: Who manages wait lists?
  121. All NYC PS 150 Rebels Against TERC Math Program in Favor of Math In Focus
  122. All NYC Judge Sides With City in Gifted Lawsuit - WSJ
  123. All NYC Lawsuit against doe regarding G&T scoring
  124. All NYC P.S. 199 Parents Break From PTA to Fight Redevelopment at UWS School
  125. All NYC Controversy Lingers Over City's Admissions Criteria at New UES School
  126. All NYC Please Share Your G&T Assignments for 2013-2014
  127. BK-Bay Ridge/Dyker Hts Ps 104 ft Hamilton g&t program
  128. All NYC PS 205 Clarion Brooklyn
  129. All NYC possible G&T placement error?
  130. All NYC Downtown Schools Open Extra Classes to Clear Kindergarten Waitlists
  131. All NYC Gifted Program's Slots for Siblings Rise Again -- Wall Street Journal
  132. Manhatter-Other New Thread for New TAG Parents
  133. All NYC New BSI Parents
  134. BK-Other PS 215 Gifted, Brooklyn
  135. BK-Ft Greene/Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy/Prospect Hts Seeking input/advice PS9 G&T, PS 705 DL or Brooklyn Prospect
  136. Manhattan-All New PS33 G&T parents thread - let us get to know each other
  137. Staten Island SI G&T parents
  138. All NYC Message from G&T Lawsuit parents
  139. All NYC G&T citywide result: you got BSI, but prefer TAG (due to commute)? We want otherwise, so let's cooperate.
  140. All NYC Vote on Queens G&T Program Divides Parents
  141. All NYC Dual-Language Program at Popular PS 87 in Upper West Side Faces Major Cuts
  142. All NYC Opportunity at Citywide G&T 30Q300
  143. All NYC Poll: Petition to add more citywide g&t seats next year
  144. All NYC Too Many Geniuses
  145. Manhattan-All An interesting story about the Kindergarten craziness
  146. All NYC Success Academy Union Square Parents
  147. All NYC One Mom's Efforts to Crack the NYC Gifted and Talented System
  148. All NYC Petition Against UFT's Malicious Lawsuit
  149. All NYC Has gifted attrition placement already started ?
  150. All NYC OK for siblings of 'gifted and talented' students to get DOE boost
  151. All NYC Petition To Support DOE for Raising Common Core Standards and Teacher Evaluation Standards
  152. All NYC NYC's top public elementary schools based on 2013 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  153. All NYC Rankings of the Middle Schools based upon the 2013 Test Scores
  154. All NYC NYC's top public middle schools based on 2013 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  155. All NYC P.S. 87 Dual-Language Program Saved From Budget Cuts
  156. All NYC Success Academy parent's secret tapes reveal attempt to push out special needs student
  157. All NYC Doese anyone know if there is OLSAT test for the 5th grade to apply Gifted & Talented on Dec 2013
  158. All NYC DOE Proposes 600-Student K-4 Success Charter in Troubled Murry Bergtraum HS
  159. All NYC Q&A with David Scott Parker, Principal of UWS Elementary School PS 452
  160. BK-All Cutoff Score for IS 187 Christa Mcauliffe
  161. All NYC Q&A with Sandra Soto, Principal of PS 705 Brooklyn Arts and Science School in Crown Heights
  162. All NYC NYC public school kindergarten admissions to head online, with link to charter app
  163. All NYC New G&T rules for 2013-2014
  164. All NYC Your NYC kindergarten admissions questions answered
  165. All NYC Q&A with Linda Rosenbury, Principal of Brooklyn Urban Garden School
  166. All NYC Wiggle-room for late birthday kids?
  167. All NYC Q&A with Anna Allanbrook, Principal of Brooklyn New School PS 146 in Carroll Gardens
  168. All NYC Is It Too Early To Think About High School Admissions?
  169. All NYC Applying To Limited Unscreened High School Programs: What You Must Know
  170. All NYC Gifted & Talented (G&T) admission begins for Sept 2014
  171. All NYC Gifted & Talented Admissions for the 2014-2015 School Year
  172. All NYC Last Minute SHSAT & SHSAT Ticket Tips!
  173. All NYC Top 3 High School Application Tips
  174. All NYC Parent-Teacher Conferences Limited to 3 Minutes at Big NYC Middle Schools
  175. All NYC Some G&T Seats Remain Unfilled
  176. All NYC Q&A with Zeynep Ozkan, Acting Principal of IS 289 in Battery Park City
  177. All NYC Q&A with Diana Diaz, Principal of PS 241 in UWS
  178. All NYC NYC Public Kindergarten Admissions Update for 2014-2015
  179. All NYC 4 Numbers Every NYC Middle School Family Should Know
  180. All NYC Success Academy charter schools in New York City garner praise, scorn
  181. All NYC City agrees to grandfather District 26 gifted and talented students into middle school
  182. All NYC InsideStats give lowdown on NYC K-5 schools
  183. All NYC PS 116 May Lindley Murray School in Murray Hill Loses $100K After Fewer Students Enroll Than Expected
  184. All NYC Downtown Kindergartens Flooded With Even More Applicants Than Last Year
  185. All NYC Q&A with Carolyn Roby, Head of Upper West Success Academy
  186. All NYC NYC G&T Results for 2014
  187. All NYC State-Ordered English Exam Included 'Terrible' Questions, PS 321 Teachers Complain
  188. All NYC Gifted and Talented Scores Drop as Admissions Test Changes, DOE Says
  189. All NYC NYC gifted and talented summary testing results 2014-2015
  190. All NYC Citywide G&T Forum - Tomorrow, Mon., Apr. 7th, 7 pm at Washington Irving High School
  191. All NYC how many spots in citywide G&T programs?
  192. BK-All How to appeal when a district G and T close a program in my district school.
  193. BK-Bay Ridge/Dyker Hts Does my daughter have a chance of getting into a 1st grade g&t program?
  194. Queens Thoughts on q300 - The 30th Avenue School (accepting K, 1, and 6th Grades)
  195. All NYC District G&T program
  196. All NYC Out of District G&T?
  197. BK-All Moving to Bk (D15) from Cali - but when???
  198. BK-All Success Academy opinions wanted!
  199. BK-All IS 187 Christa Mcauliffe accepting citywide applicants?
  200. All NYC Parents on 'Swollen' P.S. 199 Wait List Call for Added Kindergarten Class
  201. All NYC PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell gifted & talented program.
  202. All NYC Q300 for 2014-2015
  203. Manhattan-All G&T at PS217 Roosevelt Islnd
  204. All NYC G&T: is it worth it to change schools?
  205. All NYC 2014 Gifted & Talented Offer Results: Sixty percent of applicants get offers
  206. All NYC Please Share Your G&T Assignments for 2014-2015
  207. Manhattan-All Washington Heights Success Academy
  208. All NYC UWSA or 163 G&T
  209. Queens Ps 166
  210. All NYC Acceptance of spot and openings in other citywide Tag schools
  211. All NYC Q&A with PS 333 Manhattan School for Children Principal Claire Lowenstein
  212. Manhattan-All Info about Gen Ed at Ps 33
  213. Queens Info about G&T at PS 174, Queens?
  214. Manhattan-UWS Cost of afterschool program at PS 87?
  215. All NYC Any spots in 3rd grade in NEST?
  216. All NYC Working in NY for 4 months - can I get my son into a public school?
  217. All NYC NYC-s top public primary schools based on 2014 New York State ELA and Math?
  218. All NYC NYC's top public elementary schools based on 2014 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  219. All NYC NYC's top public middle schools based on 2014 New York State ELA & Math Tests
  220. All NYC When will ARIS Parent Link be updated with State Test results
  221. All NYC Q&A with Sixth Avenue Elementary School Principal Pat Carney
  222. BK-All Middle School Admissions info for Newbie.
  223. All NYC Insideschool's 15 favorite elementary schools for math and science
  224. BK-Brooklyn Hts/DT/DUMBO PS 8 Robert Fulton - Brooklyn Heights
  225. All NYC Change in Admissions Rules Muddles NYC Middle School Search
  226. All NYC NYC Gifted & Talented Admissions for the 2015-2016 School Year
  227. All NYC Q&A with Mott Hall II Principal Marlon Lowe
  228. All NYC Brooklyn's IS 228 unveils app that allows bullying incidents to be reported confidentially
  229. Manhattan-All Hunter Round 2?
  230. All NYC Advice - New to NYC public schools
  231. Manhattan-UWS Special education at PS 84 / Lilian Weber?
  232. All NYC G&T Results 2015-16 school year
  233. All NYC Our G&T Petitiion finally paid off
  234. All NYC How do you feel about traveling to the citywides?
  235. All NYC Principal Approval for NYC Citywide G&Ts?
  236. All NYC Lower Lab
  237. Manhattan-UES TAG New Scholars / Ethnic composition explanation?
  238. All NYC Traveling to NEST+M from UWS or other similarly far locations
  239. All NYC Kindergarten placements are out!
  240. All NYC School Tour/ Open Houses feedback for Gifted Program 2015-16
  241. All NYC G&T Citywide Odds for Kindergarten Offer (2015-2016)
  242. All NYC Success Academy's Edcuational Approach
  243. All NYC Anyone go to the PACE event tonight for g&t have feedback on what they learned?
  244. All NYC Gen-Ed kid applying to G&T class in the same school for 1st/2nd/3rd grade
  245. All NYC Does anyone know SA first day of school/dress rehearsal/start date for 2015-2016?
  246. Manhattan-UES ps 198 g&t
  247. All NYC TAG vs 198
  248. Manhattan-All How straight is SA regarding pick up time?
  249. All NYC NYC G&T: Placement Exception Request
  250. All NYC "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten"