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  17. Public Schools McKinley Principal Pinder put on leave amid allegations of doctored student transcripts
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  25. Local News Father Sues Sidwell Friends, Charging School Psychologist Had Affair With His Wife
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  27. Local News D.C. schools requiring teaching candidates to give tryout lessons
  28. Local News D.C. school ratings up among system parents, but doubts remain
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  30. Local News D.C. Public Schools 2011 test scores a mixed bag
  31. Local News Schools Chancellor Henderson relaxes evaluation rules for some poorly rated veteran teachers
  32. Local News D.C. Schools Chancellor Henderson calls white enrollment growth good for D.C. schools
  33. Local News D.C. Public Schools to change its teacher evaluation tool
  34. Local News D.C. schools prepare for nation’s first sex-education standardized testing
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  46. Local News Nearly every eligible DCPS teacher chooses to skip evaluations
  47. Public Schools D.C. Public Schools to pilot gifted-and-talented program
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  56. Local News DCPS Chancellor Henderson launches $10 million grant program to help DCPS reach new academic targets
  57. Public Schools D.C. chancellor announces new 5-year education plan, warns of closures
  58. 2012 Admissions Statistics Released for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
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  61. Public Schools Parent group pushing for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology admission changes
  62. Local News Federal civil rights complaint filed over low numbers of black, Latino students at elite Thomas Jefferson High
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  64. Public Schools Admissions Policy for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology to Be Reviewed
  65. Local News DC Public Schools names teacher, principal of the year
  66. Local News D.C. charter schools expel students at far higher rates than traditional public schools
  67. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson names 15 D.C. schools on closure list
  68. Public Schools D.C. considers new graduation requirements
  69. Public Schools Thomas Jefferson High School renovation cost raises questions from surrounding school systems asked to chip in
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