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  28. Local News Parents worked up over quality and quantity of homework
  29. Local News Chicago parents hiring tutors to prep preschoolers for CPS selective-enrollment exam
  30. Local News Illinois Governor Quinn wants to reduce number of school districts from 869 to no more than 300
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  43. Local News New effort to get recess back at Chicago public grammar schools
  44. Local News Rahm Emanuel looks to innovators, reformers in CPS CEO search
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  46. Local News Dispute over fundraising a source of tension at affluent Northwest Side school
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  48. Local News Jean-Claude Brizard to head up Chicago Public Schools under Rahm Emanuel
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  59. Local News Chicago Public Schools boss tying his pay to ‘student achievement’
  60. Local News More top high schools in Chicago area eliminate traditional measure of class rank
  61. Local News Chicago study shows benefits of preschool pay off well into adulthood
  62. Local News CPS to use parent report cards to help evaluate schools
  63. Local News Chicago Public Schools board rescinds teacher raises, angers union
  64. Local News Community Meetings on Magnet and Selective Enrollment Admissions Policy
  65. Local News CPS chief Brizard gets a contract — unlike predecessors — and a raise
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  67. Local News Chicago Public Schools considers tax increase to collect $100 million more in property taxes
  68. Local News Tough Task Ahead for CPS’ New Education Chief
  69. Local News More families sticking with city and private schools on Chicago's North and Northwest sides
  70. Local News Principals given flexibility in firing teachers showed they could evaluate well, study indicates
  71. Local News CPS test for teacher applicants leads to ‘blacklisting’
  72. Local News Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sending his children to private school this fall
  73. Local News CPS reorganization: Brizard to realign 'mini-superintendents'
  74. Local News CPS chief promises more magnet, all-day kindergarten programs
  75. Local News CPS Effort to Engage Parents Arouses Skepticism
  76. Local News Chicago Public Schools names some chiefs of schools
  77. Local News CPS dividing up high performing schools by community and adding more seats
  78. Local News CPS proposes raising property taxes to the max to close record budget deficit
  79. Local News Emanuel secures $5 million in donations for CPS principals' merit pay
  80. Local News Meet Lake View High School’s New Principal Dr. Lilith Werner
  81. Local News For first time in three years, CPS admissions process for magnet and selective schools is unchanged
  82. Local News Master the complexities of the Selective Enrollment High School Admissions Process
  83. Local News Chicago teachers union says no to 2 percent raise for longer days
  84. Local News Brizard sailing into rough waters at helm of CPS reform
  85. Local News ChicagoQuest promotes game-playing at school
  86. Public Schools CPS Releases List of Full-Day Kindergartens
  87. Local News Chicago Teachers Union proposes longer CPS day patterned after Mayor Emanuel kids’ school
  88. Local News 6 Chicago schools begin longer school day
  89. Public Schools Elementary School Fair for Options for Knowledge Schools and Programs on Oct 1
  90. Preschools Chicago to launch 5-star rating system for early childhood programs
  91. Local News University of Chicago report says Chicago Public Schools reforms have failed many students
  92. Public Schools South Loop Elementary not offering Regional Gifted Program for 2012-2013
  93. Local News Mommy Blogger who ate and blogged about Chicago school lunches for a year reveals self
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  95. Local News Illinois high school test scores fall to a new low
  96. Public Schools List of the 25 Top Scoring CPS High Schools By 2011 Average Composite ACT Scores
  97. Public Schools List of Top 25 CPS Elementary Schools Ranked By % of Third Graders Exceeding 2011 ISAT Standards
  98. Local News Navigating Public School Admissions with a Consultant’s Help
  99. Local News CPS to use tougher standard for evaluating schools
  100. Private Schools CPS contributed 7 of 9 elite “selective enrollment” schools to Illinois' top 100 high school list
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  103. Public Schools Top 50 high schools in Chicago area based on 2011 PSAE
  104. Local News CPS, Union Reach Deal on Longer School Day
  105. Local News Little progress in closing gap between white and black students in Chicago
  106. Local News Concern Over Changing Teacher Evaluations in Chicago
  107. Local News CPS May Require Applications to Enroll in School
  108. Local News Student achievement could become part of CPS' teacher evaluations
  109. Local News CPS Proposed a Record 10 School Turnaround Projects Next Year
  110. Local News CPS to add 12 charter schools
  111. Local News Chicago wants to phase out coveted magnet school LaSalle Language Academy
  112. Local News A Push to Have Students Evaluate Teachers in Chicago
  113. Local News CPS backs away from overhauling magnet school LaSalle Language Academy
  114. Local News CPS to lengthen high school days by 36 minutes next year
  115. Local News A Japanese strategy for helping teachers improve their craft is catching on in Chicago
  116. Local News CPS releases guidelines for longer school day
  117. Local News Longer School Day for Chicago Schools Costs Nearly $10 Million
  118. Local News CPS to enact new policies on allergies, diabetes, asthma management
  119. Local News Lunch ladies to Chicago Public School officials: Dump frozen food
  120. Local News Drummond parents approve of extended day, but majority want less than 7 1/2 hours
  121. Local News Students find CPS CEO Brizard’s teaching style out of this world
  122. Public Schools CPS Office of Academic Enhancement Releases New Tiers for the 2012-2013 Selection Process
  123. Public Schools Progress seen at Chicago's turnaround schools
  124. Local News Turnaround Results Under Fire, CPS Reverts to State Tests
  125. Local News Noble Network of Charter Schools Raised Nearly $200K from Discipline Fines
  126. Local News On Chicago's West Side, school teaches character. Math, too.
  127. Local News Chicago teachers asking for 30% raises over next 2 years
  128. Public Schools Entry bar for selective high schools rises even higher for some wealthier North Side students
  129. Local News All CPS elementary school students to take NWEA assessment test
  130. Public Schools CPS high school letters go out this week
  131. Local News After sharp criticisms, CPS board OKs school closings, turnarounds
  132. Overview of Chicago Public Schools IB High School Selection Process for 2012-2013 Entry
  133. Public Schools High achievement test puts 94 CPS schools on 2011 Honor Roll
  134. Public Schools CPS Office of Access and Enrollment Releases 2012-2013 Cutoff Scores for Selective Enrollment High Schools
  135. Public Schools Interested in applying for Principal Discretion for Selective Enrollment High Schools for 2012-2013 school year?
  136. Public Schools Chicago's best high schools: Who gets in, who doesn't
  137. Public Schools A Quirk of the Selective Enrollment High Schools Tier System: More Applicants in Higher Tiers
  138. Public Schools CPS Unveils Student-Focused Calendar for School Year 2012-2013
  139. Local News Study: Program designed for diplomats’ kids helps CPS kids’ chances in college
  140. Local News Rahm Emanuel to middle class: Don’t leave for better schools
  141. Public Schools CPS Academic Center Cutoff Scores for the 2012-2013 school year
  142. Local News Another perfect college acceptance year at Urban Prep
  143. Local News Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Teachers Union far apart on salary negotations
  144. Local News Chicago area schools weigh merits, costs of all-day kindergarten
  145. Local News Opponents of CPS' longer school day join forces against plan
  146. Public Schools Mayor Emanuel, CPS Announce 7-Hour Day For Elementary Students
  147. Local News Rooftop recess area of Ogden International School's new $51 million building comes under criticism
  148. Local News Barbara Bowman stepping down as head of CPS' early childhood program
  149. Local News CPS principals facing longer day to get $130M boost
  150. Local News Many Illinois high school students get special testing accommodations for ACT
  151. Local News Quinn surprises ‘perfectionist’ CPS teacher with Golden Apple award
  152. Local News CPS plans 60 more charters in 5 years
  153. Public Schools Selective enrollment program to be added at South Shore International College Prep
  154. Local News 9 out of 10 Chicago Public Schools teachers authorize strike
  155. Local News Chicago Public Schools to levy maximum property tax hike
  156. Local News Greater segregation for Chicagoland's black, Latino students
  157. Local News Chicago Public Schools see improvement in state test scores - but increase is the lowest in 7 years
  158. Local News Chicago school board and teachers union turn down mediator's report - teacher strike looming
  159. Local News CPS to hire 477 teachers for longer school day
  160. Preschools new to Frankfort IL (south of chicago)
  161. Local News Mayor Rahm Emanuel to pour $10 million into early childhood
  162. Local News Third of CPS schools roll out longer days
  163. Local News CPS launches new school locator website
  164. Local News Chicago Public Schools, union both prepare for possibility of teachers strike
  165. Local News CPS students show gains on ACT, Prairie State Achievement Exam
  166. Public Schools Top 25 CPS Elementary Schools Ranked By % of Third Graders Exceeding 2012 ISAT Standards
  167. Public Schools Top 25 Chicago Public Schools High Schools By 2012 Mean Composite ACT Scores
  168. Public Schools CPS to open 145 schools for half-days if teachers strike
  169. Public Schools Chicago Teachers Union sets Sept. 10 strike date
  170. Local News Chicago teachers contract talks take ‘positive’ turn, CTU official says
  171. Local News Job security at heart of 2 stumbling blocks to a Chicago teachers contract
  172. Local News Tentative deal reached with striking Chicago teachers
  173. Local News Chicago Teacher Union's anger could be tough to quell
  174. Local News Classes Resume Wednesday as Chicago Teachers Stike Ends
  175. Public Schools Options for Knowledge season opens October 1st
  176. Public Schools CPS Tier Tools
  177. Local News Interview with Chicago Teacher Union's Karen Lewis on Emanuel, Vitale — and Steinem
  178. Local News Brizard out as Chicago schools chief, Byrd-Bennett takes over
  179. Local News Next Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has done it all, from teacher to superintendent
  180. Local News For some, entering a city elite high school gets a little more difficult
  181. Local News The proportion of privately run Chicago public schools to increase
  182. Public Schools 2013-2014 Scoring Rubric for International Baccalaureate (IB) High Schools
  183. Public Schools CPS student gains to make up 50% of principal evaluations
  184. Public Schools CPS Unveils New, Single-Track Calendar for School Year 2013-2014
  185. Public Schools Far fewer Chicago schools may close this year
  186. Public Schools Jones College Prep to double number of students
  187. Local News More than 20 percent of city public schools on list for potential closure
  188. Public Schools CPS Releases 2013-2014 Cutoff Scores for Selective Enrollment High Schools
  189. Public Schools Chicago Mayor expands full-day kindergarten to all Chicago Public Schools
  190. Public Schools CPS panel: Up to 80 schools could close
  191. Public Schools New Chicago Public Schools funding formula drops 30-pupil standard
  192. Public Schools CPS expected to announce 50 school closings
  193. Public Schools CPS to close 61 buildings, affecting 30,000 kids
  194. Public Schools 2013 Notification Letters for Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools and Magnet Schools
  195. Public Schools High-performing school finds itself on closing list
  196. Local News Hearing officers criticize CPS plans to shut schools
  197. Public Schools CPS wants to close first Renaissance schools created by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
  198. Public Schools Mayor Rahm Emmanuel isn’t promising to follow hearing officers’ school-closing recommendations
  199. Public Schools CTU files lawsuits to stop school closings
  200. Public Schools 50,421 Chicago kids in homerooms over the class size limit
  201. Public Schools CPS OKs massive closings of 50 schools
  202. Public Schools Chicago Public Schools issues 5-year plan
  203. Local News Chicago public school property taxes going up for 2013
  204. Public Schools Nearly half of CPS students miss tougher ISAT cutoff
  205. Local News CPS lays off more than 2,000, including 1,000 teachers
  206. Public Schools Illinois ACT scores post biggest drop in a decade
  207. Public Schools CPS 'Safe Passage' Workers Keeping Watch Over District's First Day of School
  208. Local News ISAT scores across Illinois plummet after bar is raised
  209. Public Schools Non-tenured Chicago Public Schools teachers rated under new system
  210. Private Schools GEMS World Academy Downtown Will Charge $32,000 For Kindergarten
  211. Private Schools University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Names New Director
  212. Public Schools Whitney Young Parents: Grading Scale Too Harsh, 90 Should be an A
  213. Public Schools Northside College Prep Names New Principal: Former Teacher Kelly Mest
  214. Public Schools 2014-2015 Options for Knowledge Guide now available
  215. Public Schools Senn High School's Big Transformation: 'What's Happening Here is Real'
  216. Public Schools Deadline for November SEHS Test
  217. Public Schools School Report Card: Payton scores No. 1 spot statewide; Hinsdale Central tops in suburbs
  218. Public Schools CPS switching from ISAT to NWEA for determining eligibility for selective enrollment high schools
  219. Public Schools CPS Releases 2014-2015 Cutoff Scores for Selective Enrollment High Schools
  220. Public Schools 2014-2015 Cutoff Scores for Chicago Public Schools Academic Centers
  221. Public Schools CPS to build selective-enrollment high school named for Obama