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  1. All LA Metro Helpful Resources on Finding Schools in LA Metro Area
  2. All LA Metro Private Elementary Schools in LA: An Interview with Christina Simon
  3. All LA Metro Is your child's teacher good enough?
  4. All LA Metro LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation
  5. All LA Metro Meet L.A.'s most effective teachers -- and find out how your child's teacher performs
  6. All LA Metro First day of kindergarten - what to expect?
  7. All LA Metro Do you think you need friends at your child's school?
  8. All LA Metro Waiting For Superman Op-Ed by Jenny Heitz
  9. San Gabriel Valley Altadena petitions to leave PUSD, form its own school district
  10. All LA Metro Settlement limits L.A. teachers' seniority protection
  11. All LA Metro L.A. school board votes to proceed with plant manager cuts
  12. All LA Metro Milken Educator Award stuns third-grade teacher at Maywood Elementary in L.A.
  13. All LA Metro Circle of learning is more than a figure of speech
  14. All LA Metro When layoffs come to L.A. schools, performance doesn't count
  15. Gateway Cities Parents hope to force sweeping changes at McKinley Elementary School in Compton
  16. All LA Metro What Happens When a Charter School Fails?
  17. All LA Metro In reforming schools, quality of teaching often overlooked
  18. All LA Metro Does the LAUSD really respect genuine parental involvement?
  19. All LA Metro Who can attend L.A. Unified's $232-million, state-of-the-art arts high school?
  20. All LA Metro Charter schools in L.A. Unified to get more special education money
  21. All LA Metro L.A. school board expected to appoint John Deasy as next superintendent
  22. Downtown / South LA Officials plan to split low-performing Jordan High into 3 campuses
  23. All LA Metro Q&A Interview With Sasha Borenstein, The Kelter Center, "Learning To Learn"
  24. All LA Metro Judge OKs settlement that limits use of seniority in L.A. teacher layoffs
  25. All LA Metro L.A. Catholic schools to add 20 days to academic year
  26. All LA Metro L.A. school district suspends Jamie Oliver's reality TV shoots
  27. All LA Metro Separate study confirms many Los Angeles Times findings on teacher effectiveness
  28. All LA Metro At a Super Bowl party, guests discuss game-changing ideas about education in L.A.
  29. All LA Metro More LA schools convert to charters as funds dip
  30. San Gabriel Valley Cash-strapped La Cañada Unified School District asks parents to donate $2500 to prevent cuts
  31. SF Valley-West Taft High parents object to district's offer to share space with charter
  32. All LA Metro Compton school board rejects McKinley Elementary's parent trigger effort
  33. Orange County Using GPS Program to Track Chronic Truants
  34. All LA Metro Award-Winning Music Teachers Get Their Walking Papers Days After Being Honored
  35. All LA Metro Two Angry Teachers Rap About Getting Unjustly Fired By LAUSD
  36. All LA Metro 'Value-added' teacher evaluations: L.A. Unified tackles a tough formula
  37. All LA Metro L.A. elementary schools to switch reading programs
  38. All LA Metro Singled-out L.A. Unified teacher shares skills with colleagues but may lose job to budget cuts
  39. All LA Metro Middle School Students Tell LAUSD: No More Styrofoam!
  40. All LA Metro Bankrupt Santa Monica private school's ex-director accused of misusing $1 million
  41. All LA Metro L.A. Unified releases school ratings using 'value-added' method
  42. All LA Metro L.A. Unified's new chief John Deasy outlines ambitious agenda
  43. All LA Metro Teacher Layoffs Based On Seniority Are a Crime Against Education
  44. All LA Metro Some question salaries of LAUSD administrators and the district's use of financial gifts from philanthropists
  45. All LA Metro LAUSD to remove chocolate, strawberry milk from school
  46. All LA Metro Two families choose different paths to academic excellence
  47. Westside-Inland Beverly Hills school leaders set a lofty goal: Raise $1 million in one week to stave off cuts
  48. All LA Metro L.A. Times updates and expands value-added ratings for Los Angeles elementary school teachers
  49. All LA Metro Dual-language immersion programs growing in popularity
  50. All LA Metro Unable to charge fees, L.A. schools brace for shift in extracurricular programs
  51. All LA Metro L.A. high schools offer higher grades to students who improve standardized test scores
  52. Downtown / South LA Charter school leader Vielka McFarlane brings personal history, passion to education
  53. All LA Metro Report says L.A. principals should have more authority in hiring teachers
  54. All LA Metro L.A. public school system wastes $500 million on pointless training
  55. All LA Metro L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: Teacher quality must be Job 1 of education reform in L.A.
  56. All LA Metro L.A. Unified's new homework policy gives students a break
  57. All LA Metro Highly rated instructors go beyond teaching to the standardized test
  58. All LA Metro Los Angeles schools to revamp their ban on social promotion
  59. All LA Metro LAUSD leader suspends new homework policy
  60. All LA Metro Los Angeles teachers test a pilot evaluation program
  61. All LA Metro Los Angeles Unified students grade district's new menu choices
  62. All LA Metro L.A. Unified gives insiders first chance at new charter campuses
  63. All LA Metro Effort launched to raise $200 million for L.A. public schools
  64. All LA Metro Los Angeles Archdiocese hopes to raise $100 million for Catholic schools
  65. All LA Metro L.A. Philharmonic announces a joint initiative to provide first-rate music instruction in underserved communities
  66. All LA Metro LAUSD agrees to revise how English learners, blacks are taught
  67. All LA Metro L.A. Unified principals to see teachers' effectiveness ratings
  68. All LA Metro LAUSD faces suit seeking to tie teacher ratings to student performance
  69. All LA Metro Wasserman Foundation donates $4 million to Donors Choose to help buy classroom supplies for L.A. schools
  70. All LA Metro Groundbreaking pact to give individual Los Angeles schools more autonomy
  71. All LA Metro L.A. schools' healthful lunch menu panned by students
  72. All LA Metro No Room For Road Rage At Elementary Schools by Agoura Hills Mom
  73. All LA Metro Mandarin immersion program flourishes at L.A. school
  74. All LA Metro L.A. Unified to consider ending attendance boundaries for schools
  75. All LA Metro Surprised Pasadena teacher receives national honor
  76. All LA Metro School Linked to Abuse Claims Will Replace Entire Faculty
  77. All LA Metro L.A. teachers' contracts hinder misconduct investigation
  78. All LA Metro LAUSD: Not enough money or people to end social promotion of unprepared students
  79. All LA Metro LAUSD surveys parents on proposed homework policy
  80. All LA Metro 43 Los Angeles Unified schools recognized as 2012 California Distinguished Schools
  81. All LA Metro John Deasy marking his first year as LAUSD superintendent
  82. All LA Metro L.A. schools chief pushes to change system's culture
  83. All LA Metro LAUSD's transitional kindergarten helps younger students catch up
  84. All LA Metro LAUSD considers lowering the bar for graduation
  85. All LA Metro Burbank educator Rebecca Mieliwocki named National Teacher of the Year
  86. All LA Metro 24 high performing L.A. schools seek charter status in search of more money and increased flexibility
  87. All LA Metro In controversial move, LAUSD's Deasy wants to raise high-school graduation requirements
  88. All LA Metro Teacher's creativity reflected at Cleveland Humanities Magnet in Reseda
  89. All LA Metro 8 students file suit against LAUSD, governor alleging state's tenure laws deprive them of quality education
  90. All LA Metro LAUSD expanding transitional kindergarten to all its elementary schools
  91. All LA Metro Two L.A. education groups back test scores as part of teacher reviews
  92. All LA Metro Judge backs using student achievement to evaluate L.A. teachers
  93. All LA Metro L.A. teachers group unveils its proposal for new evaluations
  94. All LA Metro LAUSD board approves $6.3B budget; after-school program saved
  95. All LA Metro Green Dot charter schools move toward merit pay instead of seniority for teachers
  96. All LA Metro LAUSD moving to a better way to review teachers
  97. All LA Metro LAUSD and its teachers union agree on a timeline to start factoring student achievement into evaluations
  98. All LA Metro $20 billion in building has boosted LAUSD elementary student test scores, study finds
  99. All LA Metro Earlier start, tougher homework, emphasis on safety for LAUSD's first day of school
  100. All LA Metro Most L.A. area school districts ignore state's anti-gay bullying law
  101. All LA Metro LAUSD makes its best showing ever on STAR tests
  102. All LA Metro LAUSD proposes new teacher-evaluation system, negotiating with UTLA
  103. All LA Metro L.A. Unified, union OK system of evaluating principals
  104. All LA Metro Time To Get Schooled: 5 A+ Moments From My Conversation With LAUSD’S John Deasy
  105. All LA Metro LAUSD, charters win $98 million in grants to boost teacher, administrator pay
  106. All LA Metro Deasy warns that looming budget cuts threaten classroom gains in State-of-the-School Address
  107. All LA Metro L.A. schools chief gets one-year contract extension
  108. All LA Metro L.A. schools chief urges union cooperation on federal funds
  109. All LA Metro LAUSD's measure of the worth of a teacher spurs debate over fairness and accuracy
  110. All LA Metro LAUSD restores full academic year and full pay after Prop 30 passage
  111. All LA Metro Superintendent John Deasy's $17.5M request for computer tablet funds nixed
  112. All LA Metro Study: More than half of LAUSD students overweight
  113. All LA Metro L.A.'s revamped teacher evaluation system getting mixed grades
  114. All LA Metro For two L.A. schools, sharing a campus is starting to chafe
  115. All LA Metro L.A. Unified, teachers union agree on using student scores in teachers evaluations
  116. All LA Metro LAUSD wins key legal battle with charter schools
  117. All LA Metro West L.A. teacher's class act earns a Milken award for 2013
  118. All LA Metro 1,000 campus aides will be added to LAUSD elementary schools
  119. All LA Metro Harvard-Westlake student named one of America's top teen volunteers
  120. All LA Metro L.A. school board approves parent trigger at 24th St. Elementary
  121. All LA Metro L.A. Superintendent Deasy wants 30% of teacher evaluations based on test scores
  122. All LA Metro The downside of superstar schools
  123. All LA Metro LAUSD Superintendent Fires Lemon Teachers
  124. All LA Metro L.A. teachers vote 'no confidence' in Superintendent Deasy
  125. All LA Metro L.A. school board keeps classroom breakfast program
  126. All LA Metro Teachers union gives LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy an 'F'
  127. All LA Metro L.A. Unified unveils plan to bring arts into academics
  128. All LA Metro LAUSD starts new school year with promise, excitement
  129. All LA Metro L.A. Unified president pushes board’s authority to set policy
  130. All LA Metro Academic performance drops statewide, but L.A. Unified improves
  131. All LA Metro California's accelerated plan to use computerized student testing would upend LAUSD teacher evaluations
  132. All LA Metro Survey: Most LAUSD teachers would discontinue costly iPad program
  133. All LA Metro L.A. Unified unprepared for computerized state test
  134. All LA Metro L.A. Unified hires Rory Pullens as new head of arts education
  135. All LA Metro LAUSD Supt. John Deasy expected to resign