View Full Version : All NYC Dalton Middle Schoolers Take Top Spot at Robotics Competition

03-16-2011, 08:27 AM
This from DNAinfo.com (http://www.dnainfo.com/20110314/manhattan/dalton-middle-schoolers-take-top-spot-at-robotics-competition) by Caroline Shin:
Middle schoolers from the Upper East Side's Dalton School were elated to take home the first place trophy Sunday for a robotics tournament at the Javits Center ó even if it was made out of yellow LEGOs.

The school's middle school robotics teams bested 80 others in both the robot performance and robot design categories at the 11th annual New York City FIRST Celebration's LEGO League Championship (http://nycnjfirst.njit.edu/nyc_fll.html).

"I feel good. It was a good reward for our hard work. And that's a product of our kids really learning," said Robert Quatrone, director of the robotics program at Dalton.

The schools had been picked for the competition from more than 200 applicants from around the city.

It was the Dalton's second year in the competition, and they credited their win to the endless hours students spent practicing at the school, with some students coming in every day in the weeks leading up to Sunday's event.

Quatrone said the team will celebrate their win with cake or some other sweet treats.

The FIRST non-profit organization, created by Segway inventor Dean Kamen to inspire youth to pursue studies in science and technology, also hosted robotics competitions for elementary and high school students during the three-day event.

"Itís been amazing," said Pat Daly, New York City regional director. "The program really teaches the kids how to interact and it simulates real life situations."

This yearís Lego championship, entitled the Body Forward Challenge, focused on exploring biomedical engineering solutions to bodily injuries from bone repair to nerve mapping.

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