View Full Version : All NYC Poll Shows 78% of NYC Voters Want to Abolish "Last In, First Out" for Laying Off Teachers

03-18-2011, 10:00 AM
A recent Quinnipiac Poll (http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1302.xml?ReleaseID=1569) surveyed NYC voters on a range of topics, one of which was the "Last In, First Out" policy for laying off Teachers. The results, which were released today March 18, showed an overwhelming majority in favor of abolishing the policy.

78% of New York City voters say that if public school teachers must be laid off, layoffs should be based on job performance rather than seniority. Even 63% of voters in a household with a union member support this position.

Also, 54% of New York City voters have a favorable opinion of public school teachers and 46% say that the teachers' unions play a positive role in improving education.

Other results from the poll:

64% disapprove of the way Mayor Bloomberg is handling the public schools.
54% do not expect New York City Schools Chancellor Cathleen Black to make substantial progress or not in improving the quality of education in the public schools in New York City.
79% oppose layoffs for public school teachers to help balance the city budget.
63% think it is a good idea to reward public school teachers who do an outstanding job with additional pay.
54% think firing public school teachers should be made easier.