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03-22-2011, 10:02 AM
This from the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-nelson/suing-preschool-and-getti_b_838141.html) by Steve Nelso, Head of the Calhoun School in Manhattan:
Every now and then along comes a story that's just too good to be true. And such a story appeared in last week's New York Times. Manhattan mom Nicole Imprescia is suing York Avenue preschool for failing to properly prepare her 4-year-old daughter Lucia for the Ivy Leagues.

Well, it's not quite that direct. Her suit claims that York promised to prepare her dc for the ERBs. ("Dc" is code for darling child, used by pretentious Manhattan parents to identify themselves as among the elite.) ERB's are the early childhood version of SATs. A high score is currency for admission into the more selective kindergartens in the city. Imprescia evidently believes that York's failure is the equivalent of smacking her daughter at the knees with a 2x4, forever handicapping her in the quest for Ivy League glory.

Speaking of taking out her daughter at the knees with a 2x4, Imprescia might want to consider that a permanent record of the family suing their school is not the most endearing credential for a child to lug into the college application process. But I digress.

This is just one more example, albeit an entertaining one, of an educational world gone mad. And, I'm afraid to say, members of the Ivy League and other highly selective schools are very much to blame.

The College Board, founded in 1900 and intended to be a great equalizer in educational access, has become part of a dreadful process that has an increasingly toxic impact on children and learning. As SAT scores became an ever more crucial component in college admissions, the great equalizer was transformed into just another form of discrimination. Many claim the test is culturally biased. Few can deny that the test-prep industry has tilted the playing field dramatically in favor of those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars for hundreds of points. No one can deny that the College Board is deeply complicit in creating a process of selection that leads students and families to "game the system."

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