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04-03-2011, 08:02 PM
Greetings Moms,

We are excited to be offer this program to help ease the stress of the Kindergarten Admissions process. Our next sessions begin soon - space is limited. Details may be found below:

Kindergarten Admissions - Get Organized!

A Four – Part Program for Parents

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The amount of energy, time, and emotions during this process can be overwhelming. Bring more calm and confidence by planning ahead. The Kindergarten admissions process for the Fall 2011 begins now.

Please join parent coach and founder of The Moms Groups, Renee Sullivan, for a one of kind workshop that helps you maintain calmness and sanity during this process and holds your hand during one of the most stressful parts of the admission process – getting and staying organized! Organization and keen time management leads to calmness and children that feel that they are in calm home environment perform better at school, at tests and during interviews letting their real selves shine through.

Full details for our April and May 2011 sessions may be found here:
The Moms Groups (http://www.nycmomsgroups.com/)

Renee Sullivan, parent coach to moms in New York City and Director and founder of The Moms Groups (http://www.nycmomsgroups.com/) , works with parents to create their own personal parenting plan that is right *for them*. As a certified life coach, and drawing from her experience as an educator, she guides moms through the never - ending array of decisions that come with having a child. Her "personal attention to detail" allows all parents that work with her to quickly get the resources they need to feel "at ease" and make informed and educated decisions. Weekly sessions that are "nurturing, informative, and fun" and her "calm-laid back personality" has made her a "dynamic resource" to the parenting community since 2006. She lives in New York City with her husband, and very happy Kindergartener after going through the private school admissions process successfully in 2010.