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04-04-2011, 09:23 AM
This from Aristotle Circle (http://www.aristotlecircle.com/blog/turn-admissions-director-your-advocate) by Joan Brennan:
When applying to private school, itís easy to think of Admissions Directors as tough gatekeepers, when in fact, they are your first and most often your only advocate for getting admitted into the school. Your childís final application will be reviewed by a committee of people who only see paperwork, but the representative from the Admissions Office you meet with will be the one making the case for your family. Here are some helpful Doís and Doníts to consider when meeting with the Admission Director:

DO acknowledge their effort and thank them for their time
DO smile and laugh
DO be honest If the school is your first choice
DONíT show up late, disorganized or sloppy and put away that cell phone
DONíT speak for your child
DONíT expect to see the Head of School

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