View Full Version : All NYC Bronx teacher forgives students whose brawl led to her miscarriage

04-19-2011, 10:16 AM
From NY Post (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bronx/tragic_teach_is_all_class_9tXFTcQWZJIzMeCFTvvjNN) by Candice M. Giove:
After four years of being a substitute, Lissedia Batista had achieved her dream, a full-time job at Explorations Academy, a high school in The Bronx. This was going to be her first picture in her first yearbook as a teacher.

For Batista, 27, the year was doubly sweet. Along with the pride of a new job, Batista was four months pregnant.

But as she started her fifth-period class, a freshman and a junior started brawling over a chair. Batista told one of the students to come with her, and he grabbed his coat.

Tempers flared behind her back. One teen tried to jump the one who followed Batista. Another student interjected himself in the fight. In the pandemonium, students jumped away from scattering chairs and the tussling tough guys.

Then someone shoved -- or fell into -- Batista's back.

She fell forward, her stomach crashing into a hard chair. She couldn't breathe.

Unbelievably, she rose, restored order and taught her class. It was only later that she learned the bad news at North Bronx Hospital, after a colleague insisted on driving her there.

Lissedia Batista lost her baby.

What happened next is perhaps as shocking. In an age in which people seem to blame everyone but themselves, in which lawsuits are filed at the slightest annoyance, in which grace is a rare commodity, Batista lashed out at . . . no one.

"They're so young, and for something like that to follow them for the rest of their lives? I think they were already stressed enough with the fact that they felt they caused the death of someone's child," Batista told The Post in her first interview.

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