View Full Version : Westside-Beach 10th Street Preschool in S.M. has been wonderful for us!

05-01-2011, 09:41 PM
We are finishing up our 4th year at 10th Street Preschool and we love it! Not only is it a lovely school, but the people are pretty wonderful too!

One of the things that made me choose 10th Street was the amazing priority they put on the children. Children are really respected here.

10th Street has a multi-age philosophy that teaches children compassion, self-confidence and leadership. Every child is paid attention to, noticed and helped when there is something they need; and it's not just using a glue stick or some other preschool utensil that gets assistance, it also carries over to noticing personality and areas of strength and weakness that all children have. Here, at this preschool, they really help guide your child be the best that they can be. Additionally, it was one of the only preschools I toured that put a premium on teaching children kindness -- once I heard that, I was sold!

Cindy Wasson, the Director of 10th Street Preschool, has a no nonsense approach that I personally find refreshing. She is a guru on parenting, and offers parenting sessions that really are invaluable. Her wisdom could fill a book, and her logical way of viewing things is very welcome, especially in a time when parenting can seem so complicated.

Cindy is very well versed in the private school application process, and offers great advice along that journey. Children at 10th Street go on to many private elementary schools in Los Angeles, including Crossroads, Wildwood, Brentwood, John Thomas Dye, and The Willows, just to name a few. She also has many families that choose to go the public route as well, and she supports both decisions equally.

10th Street is a special place where children grow and develop into really nice, thoughtful kids.


-- Samantha -- http://lifewithsmalls.blogspot.com/