View Full Version : All LA Metro Montessori Shir-Hashirim was perfect for my daughter

Jenny Heitz
05-05-2011, 08:21 PM
I sent my daughter to Montessori Shir-Hashirim preschool (at the time, the Vermont location, which has since moved) for four years. We even sent her there for kindergarten rather than have be bored in public kindergarten. My daughter was a rather challenging personality: smart, stubborn, willful, and had plenty of energy. The school handled her brilliantly. She was kept engaged and immersed in tasks. She was reading by the age of four. She performed in plays (ok, the plays were a bit bizarre; one parent referred to them as "German experimental theater," but I think the performance aspect was good for the kids even if none of us could actually hear the lines). The precision they demanded from her in terms of Practical Life skills has served her well in terms of organizational ability.

I recognize that Montessori isn't for everyone, and that some prefer a more play based curriculum, but for my child it worked beautifully. I think the school is also a good fit if you're the type of parent who can let go a bit and allow the school to really deal with your child. At this school, the kids, not the parents, absolutely come first, so don't expect a lot of hand holding. They're busy dealing with your kids.