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05-16-2011, 08:19 AM
From NY Gifted Education Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/gifted-education-in-new-york/school-tours-rodeph-sholom-admissions-2012) by Alina Adams:
Rodeph Sholom (http://www.rodephsholomschool.org/Default.asp?bhcp=1) is a Pre-school through 8th grade Reform Day School affiliated with Temple Rodeph Sholom.

Unlike most other schools, because they have their own pre-school, Kindergarten is actually Rodeph Sholom's smallest entry point. (They also give preference to synagogue members.) This means that they don't have 40 odd seats to fill for September 2012, but closer to 15. A statistic destined to strike fear into the heart of any prospective applicant.

All of the classrooms we saw were roomy, well-lit and featured a wide-variety of educational materials on the walls, both in English and Hebrew. Rodeph Sholom is not an immersion or dual language program. Hebrew is treated like a special and the focus is on reading and writing, not speech. Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation is included as part of the curriculum, and the children add another language, either French or Spanish, in middle school.

My favorite student work came in the 2nd grade, where the kids had each written their own "Time Magazine" cover story about current event, using some pretty sophisticated vocabulary and, especially, verb tense. (A lot of past present imperfect, which is not easy to use correctly.)

My husband, on the other hand, loved that, in response to the question, "What kind of math do you teach? TERC? Singapore? Everyday?" the tour guide answered, "We teach math. Anything the kids needs to help them understand."

Exmissions are reported to be excellent (http://www.rodephsholomschool.org/ftpimages/370/download/Rodeph%20Sholom%20School%20Graduate%20Placement%20 Brochure%202010.pdf), with ninety percent of the children who took the test qualifying for NYC specialized high-schools (though not all chose to attend).

read more>> (http://www.examiner.com/gifted-education-in-new-york/school-tours-rodeph-sholom-admissions-2012)
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