View Full Version : Manhattan-UES Crowded PS 151 Told by DOE to Take More Kids

05-27-2011, 08:48 AM
From DNAinfo.com (http://www.dnainfo.com/20110527/upper-east-side/crowded-ues-school-told-take-more-kids) by Amy Zimmer:
Like many schools in the overcrowded Upper East Side, P.S. 151 has a kindergarten waitlist.

But just after the school made offers to 18 students who live within its zone, the school's parent leaders found out the DOE had gone behind their backs and made offers to 18 students who live outside it.

These extra students will force the two-year-old school to add an additional sixth grade section, parents said, worried it would increase the crowding there and be a burden to P.S. 151's long term goals.

"This week, without our prior knowledge, the Department of Education extended offers to 18 families from P.S. 290 while we ourselves already have a significant waitlist," Caroline Hall and Lori Levin, co-heads of P.S. 151's Parent Teacher Association, wrote to Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott on Thursday.

Hall and Levin, who along with other parents fought to get the school opened as a way to alleviate the neighborhood's overcrowding, blasted officials for their "grossly understated" estimates of incoming kindergarteners.

"These offers are going to force our fledgling school to expand to six kindergarten sections — a capacity beyond construction plans, beyond budgets and beyond long term sustainability," they wrote.

It "will only detract from our ability to provide the individualized attention that so many of our students desperately need."

Also known as the Yorkville Community School, P.S. 151 will be relocating from its temporary space in a former Catholic school at 323 East 91st St. and into a permanent home this fall in the Richard R. Green High School of Teaching, at 421 East 88th St.

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