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05-31-2011, 10:31 AM
From NY Gifted Education Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/gifted-education-in-new-york/school-tours-solomon-schechter-of-manhattan-admissions-2012?CID=examiner_alerts_article) by Alina Adams:
Another day, another Jewish Day School tour.

This time, we went to visit the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan (http://www.sssm.org/).

Although they have existed as a Conservative Kindergarten through 8 school on two different campuses since opening their inaugural class in 1996, Fall of 2011 will be SSSM's first full year at their new, combined space on 805 Columbus Avenue (part of the same complex that houses the Mandell School.) They moved in this past January.

The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan occupies a single floor in a brand new building. On our tour, we were able to see all of the classrooms, as well as their science, art, and multi-purpose rooms. There are also offices for staff, administration, an on-site psychologist, and "pull out" rooms for children needing individual attention. Both those with learning challenges and those who may be ahead of their peers receive individualized instruction. One Lower School student gifted in math, we were told, has private lessons with the Middle School math teacher that were more on his level (I had also heard this a few years ago from a family at SSSM and since that child has since graduated, I have to assume this is a regular event). According to Admissions Director Amanda Noodell, having everyone share the same space enhances a sense of community for students and teachers.

Classes at SSSM are capped at eighteen children per grade, with one grade per class.

Those in the Lower School (K-2) each have two teachers in the classroom, both of whom are bilingual in English and Hebrew. Morning meeting, math, art and music are conducted partially in Hebrew on a daily basis. The school day opens with prayers (boys and girls together). Boys are required to wear kippot, while it's optional for girls. Otherwise, there is a dress code of navy blue pants, skirts, shorts or jumpers, with white shirts.

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