View Full Version : All NYC Many from A-Rated NYC Schools Not Ready for CUNY

06-22-2011, 09:16 AM
From the N.Y. Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/22/nyregion/many-from-a-rated-nyc-schools-need-help-at-cuny.html?) by Anna M. Phillips and Robert Gebeloff:

Some of the New York City high schools that received the highest grades under the Education Department’s school assessment system are graduating students who are not ready for college, newly released data show.

Of the 70 high schools that earned an “A” on the most recent city progress report (http://schools.nyc.gov/Accountability/tools/report/default.htm) and have at least one-third of graduates attending a college of the City University of New York, 46 posted remediation rates above 50 percent, according to reports sent to the city’s high schools.

Some of those schools are small and sent only a few students to CUNY. But city education officials now consider that information so important that they will be making it part of the equation by which schools are assigned letter grades of A through F — a ranking that, if low enough, could result in a major restructuring or even closing of a school.

City officials said they were still figuring out how heavily they would weigh this data against Regents pass rates and graduation rates, which are already considered when assigning the letter grades, in a process that is already complicated and frequently criticized. And when the new system is adopted in 2012, it will also give schools credit for the percentage of students who enroll in college, and include information on how students perform at State University of New York and private colleges.

“We do know that the schools already have a sense of how many kids and which kids they sent to CUNY and how strong they were,” said Shael Polakow-Suransky, the city’s chief academic officer. “They can draw more powerful conclusions with this data, and I’m hoping this pushes the conversation along. We’ve been really cautious about drawing conclusions ourselves, and we want to be cautious going forward as well.”

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