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06-22-2011, 09:39 AM
From Insideschools.org (http://insideschools.org/blog/2011/06/21/mixups-reported-in-gt-admissions/) by Pamela Wheaton:
Three days before the deadline to register for gifted and talented programs, a few parents are uncertain about where their children have been admitted. Two parents told us they were not allowed to register at PS 748, a new school in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, even though they had received letters from the Department of Education saying their children had been admitted to the 1st grade in the gifted program there. The school told parents there were only nine available seats in the 1st grade class while the DOE had sent letters to 37 families offering their children admission.

Other families were surprised to receive offers to schools they hadn’t listed on their applications — and that they didn’t know were options. According to Robin Aronow, of SchoolSearchNYC.com, some 1st-grade applicants were assigned to PS 165, despite it not being listed as an option on their application.

Data released today by the Department of Education shows that of the 4,027 kindergartners who qualified for a gifted and talented program, 3,149 actually submitted applications, and 87% of them got offers to either a citywide or district seat. That’s slightly less than last year when 88% of applicants got offers. Nearly 13% of the eligible kindergartners qualified for five citywide programs, which require a higher test score, but the DOE has not said how many gained a citywide seat.

Eighty-two percent of the 1,363 1st-graders who applied received offers.

Kindergarten programs were added this year at PS 32 in Park Slope and PS 102 in Manhattan’s District 4 in East Harlem.

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