View Full Version : All NYC New grading system flunks nearly 1 in 5 NYC teachers

07-21-2011, 09:48 AM
From Crain's New York (http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20110720/FREE/110729993) by Jeremy Smerd:

A new teacher-evaluation system that was tested at 20 city schools has found 18% of teachers to be “ineffective”—far higher than the usual 2% deemed unsatisfactory by the usual evaluation system.

“If these numbers were applied systemwide, the city would have the highest percentage of unsatisfactory teachers in the nation,” said David Weiner, deputy chancellor for talent, labor and innovation...

That is an apples-and-oranges comparison, however, because other states don't use the new grading system, and if they did they would likely see their percentage of ineffective teachers rise. Still, the pilot program's results are likely to spur further debate over the teacher evaluation method the city is developing to qualify the state for federal Race to the Top funds.

The new, four-tiered system, which the Department of Education will expand to 150 schools in the fall, is intended to replace the satisfactory/unsatisfactory ratings that have long been in place and under which 98% of teachers pass.

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