View Full Version : All LA Metro Being A Supermom Is Overrated

Christina Simon
08-29-2011, 01:05 PM
A new study from the University of Washington in Seattle finds that while working outside the home is good for mothers’ mental health, so-called “supermoms” have higher rates of depression than those working moms who are willing to let go of their expectations of perfection at home and at work. “Supermoms” who set the unattainable goal of being perfect are more likely to be depressed, the study found.

On Tuesday, The Today Show talked to the study’s researcher, Katrina Leupp, who interviewed 1,600 women and found that there is a mismatch between women who expect to do it all and their workplaces, which are not designed with work-life balance in mind.

This study won’t be news to many moms, whether they consider themselves “supermoms” or not. When I think back to the years I spent as a corporate vice president trying to be a “supermom,” I get depressed just thinking about that time in my life.

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