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09-01-2011, 08:19 AM
From OurTownNY (http://ourtownny.com/2011/08/31/getting-in-to-private-school/) by Molly O'Meara Sheehan:
In 2008, Jennifer Brozost, then an admissions officer at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, approached her co-worker Vimmi Shroff with an idea: why not start a business to help New York City parents navigate the notoriously nerve-wracking process of applying to private schools?

Just a year after starting their consultancy, PEAS (http://www.nypeas.com/) (Private Education Advisory Services), Brozost came to Shroff with another big request: would she co-write a book with her based on their experiences? They ended up collaborating on The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook, which was published in June and walks parents through the steps they must take to apply to the city’s private nursery schools and kindergartens.

What is the first tip you give to parents applying to nursery school or kindergarten?
Vimmi Shroff: Talk to someone who is objective [in order] to learn about a school. In this process there is a lot of park bench gossip. We saw tons of “frenemies” created this year, parents who were applying to schools who could be nasty to each other.

What is the top mistake that parents make?
VS: Herd mentality. This is New York City, and people get so caught up and competitive and think the admissions process is their personal game, but it is actually a child’s life they are dealing with. Show respect to your child for who he or she is.

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