View Full Version : Preschools Chicago to launch 5-star rating system for early childhood programs

09-29-2011, 10:01 AM
From Chicago Sun-Times (http://www.suntimes.com/news/education/7927571-418/city-to-launch-5-star-rating-system-for-early-childhood-programs.html) by Fran Spielman:

Choosing a pre-school, daycare or Head Start program for a young child can be a confusing experience for parents, but the city hopes to make it easier with a new five-star rating system unveiled Wednesday.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is creating the city’s own evaluation system for city-funded early childhood programs to empower parents and position Chicago to capture funds made available through the local and national “Race to the Top” competition.

The five-star rating system will begin on July 1 of next year. An evaluation committee that’s an off-shoot of the Early Childhood Task Force created to advise then-Mayor elect Rahm Emanuel will work with Chicago Public Schools to conduct a yearly evaluation of each city-funded program.

Programs that achieve the highest rating will get the largest share of resources, the mayor said. Those that fall short will be asked to “model themselves after successful programs,” the mayor said.

An interactive early childhood portal on the city’s website will feature the ratings and provide a forum for parents seeking to exchange information about early childhood programs.

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