View Full Version : All SF Lowell Open House Night November 9

10-15-2011, 08:59 PM
This year's 8th Grade Night for all San Francisco public and private middle/K-8 schools at Lowell HS has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The event will be approximately 2 hours long (6:00 - 8:00 pm), in two shifts. Each shift will include a presentation in our auditorium as well as classroom visits for parents and students who desire to learn more details about various classes and other extra-curricular activities. Tickets are required for this event. Since Lowell has a very limited space capacity, each student/family is only allowed ONE ticket (for one student and one parent entering together).

Each middle/K-8 school in San Francisco has a contact person to communicate with regarding this event. Current 8th graders MUST contact their own middle/K-8 school if they are interested in participating in this event. Your school will collect names of students who are interested in the event and request tickets from us. To avoid any confusion in communication, Lowell HS only responds to one designated contact person (an administrator, a counselor, or a school assigned person) from each middle/K-8 school. A package will be sent to each middle/K-8 school the week of Oct 17 by (school) mail as well as via email if we have the contact information. Deadline for requesting tickets is October 21, 2011.


Applying to Lowell…. The website still has the dates for last year but the deadline is Dec. 17, 2011.

Applicants to Lowell must reside in San Francisco with the parent at the time of application and continue to live in San Francisco while attending Lowell. Interdistrict permits are not allowed for admission to Lowell. Any application with falsified information will nullify any application or result in a canceled assignment.

Ninth grade applications must be submitted together with an SFUSD Application listing Lowell as one of the school requests by, Friday, December 17, 2011. In addition to Lowell, each student may apply for any number of other SFUSD high schools on the application. All requested schools including Lowell should be listed in order of preference. Read more on the website.