View Full Version : Manhattan-UWS Parents and Community Pitch in at the Brownstone School

11-10-2011, 08:53 AM
From OurTownNY (http://ourtownny.com/2011/11/09/parents-and-community-pitch-in-at-landmark-school/) by Paulette Safdieh:

The Brownstone School, a preschool located in a landmark building, has been serving the Upper West Side for 48 years. Emphasizing play-focused teaching while maintaining a warm, positive atmosphere for students and their families, Brownstone earned recognition from the Blackboard Awards committee this year as an outstanding school.

“It’s exciting,” said Julia Harquail, the school’s director, on winning the award. “It’s especially fun when you don’t even know you’re up for something.”

From ages 2 through 5, the roughly 100 students attending Brownstone learn mainly through playing with their peers. Different stations set up in the classrooms include blocks centers, dramatic play and painting for students to achieve age-appropriate development. The administration establishes school-wide themes to be implemented in the curricula, like “All About Me” or “All About My Neighborhood,” to keep students aware of their surroundings.

Located on West 80th Street just steps from Museum Mile, the school takes advantage of educational opportunities outside of the classroom, from field trips to the American Museum of Natural History’s butterfly exhibit to excursions in Central Park. Brownstone hosts several community events throughout the year to keep parents involved and to contribute to the Upper West Side—a founding principle of the institution.

“Anytime you can find a good, supportive community, especially in the city, it’s great,” said Jenni Frost Bounds, whose 3- and 5-year-old children attend the school.

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