View Full Version : Our experience with Presidio Knolls

Jeremy Liew
11-11-2011, 12:29 AM
I'm a parent and board member at PKS. We were looking for a combination of Mandarin immersion and a progressive, child centric educational approach for our child, and we found it at PKS. Our three year old daughter Ellie has thrived in the nurturing, supportive environment, and her Mandarin has improved dramatically. Although I don't speak any Chinese at all, and my wife only a little (she learned as an adult when she lived in Beijing for two years), Ellie will happily monologue to herself in Chinese as she plays and sings songs in Chinese spontaneously. It's really pretty cool.

The school places a huge emphasis on professional development for the teachers. They are constantly getting training and feedback in the latest best practices in early childhood education, which is music to my ears. Education has changed so much since I was a kid, and it's great to see that being implemented at PKS.

We didn't want to have to choose between a progressive approach to education, and Mandarin immersion, when Ellie went to Kindergarten, so we have been part of the push to expand PKS into an elementary school next year. We will be launching with K, 1 and 2, and adding a grade each year. The campus is very large, so we've got a lot of expansion room - 1.5 acres one of the largest in San Francisco.

If you have interest in learning more, come to one of the info sessions!