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11-14-2011, 10:51 AM
From NY Gifted Education Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/gifted-education-in-new-york/school-tours-columbia-grammar-and-prep-admissions-2012) by Alina Adams:

We're back to touring!

This week, it's Columbia Grammar and Prep School, a co-ed PK-12 located on the Upper West Side.

First, a huge selling point about their process: In lieu of a one-on-one parent interview, they have a couple of families at a time in for a chat with the Head of the Lower School.

The chat with the Head of the Lower School is on the same day as the School Tour, which is on the same day as the playgroup for the kids!

Yes! This means that instead of taking three days off from work to do each of the above separately, you can knock the entire process out in an hour and a half.

Overall, I liked a lot of things about CGPS.

I liked how focused and organized the children seemed in their K classrooms, going from free play to lining up without any fuss in between. I liked the integrated curriculum, the focus on community and on having kids set their own rules - then be responsible for following them.

I liked that the school had a theater, and several gyms, and that they are building an addition that will include a large outdoor play-space, and I loved that they have a pool, with swim lessons twice a week in the early grades (in addition to regular Phys Ed.)

I agreed with their stance on foreign language, which was that, unless you have support and maintenance at home, two hours a week of Spanish or Mandarin was rather pointless, and the kids might as well start a foreign language in middle school, if that meant they could do it every day. The end result would be the same.

But, most of all what I liked about CGPS was the Head of the Lower School, Simone Hristidis.

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