View Full Version : BK-Park Slope Can anyone share experience about Beth Elohim?

09-27-2010, 03:09 PM
Can anyone here share their experience about Beth Elohim? We went to the Sukkot Festival there and liked it...but would love to hear from parents who actually have or have had kids there.

10-02-2010, 05:39 PM
Hi there,
My son is in his 2nd year at the ECC at Beth Elohim and we love it. Last year he started out in the 2 morning 2s program and this year he's in what is referred to as a Flexi 4s - he will be 4 in January - so he is in school 5 days (3 mornings and 2 full days). The teachers are lovely. Last year he was in a class with 10 kids and this year he's with 19 which at first I felt was a bit large but I actually feel it's better as he's getting to know lots of kids and engage with them all. The classrooms are entertaining and exciting and new activities are out every morning. I was most impressed that at the beginning of the school year, the teachers make a home visit to each student before they start school so there is an immediate personal connection. The kids do a wonderful array of projects from cooking, to water play to local field trips (even just walking around the block is a fun adventure for the littlest kids), they have music and library every week, go to the gym every day and in the winter, the older kids begin swimming - the ECC has a pool which is a wonderful bonus. Since the school is in a temple, there is obviously a Jewish bent to some of the learning. this past week the children studied Sukkot and will celebrate Purim and Passover during the year. Snack every Friday is Challah. We were quite non-observant before sending our son there, but he's learning a bunch and it's been quite fun learning the traditions along with him. We are happy to note, that not all the kids are Jewish and there is a nice mix of everyone and everything in the student body. The only true problem is because the school is in a synangogue, there are a ton of closures in the fall for every holiday. I've gotten very involved with the ECC Committee and am currently serving as the co-chair so if you any other questions about the classes or "curriculum" or wanting to tour the school, please email me offline or reach out to Jaci Israel, the ECC Director. She's wonderful