View Full Version : All NYC 5 Admissions Secrets New York City Private Schools Don't Tell You

12-06-2011, 09:19 AM
From Abacus Mom's (http://www.abacusmom.com/abacus_mom/2011/12/what-new-york-city-and-westchester-private-schools-dont-tell-you-5-admissions-secrets.html) Emily Glickman:

Your child should prep for the ERB.
Nobody can tell that your child prepped for the ERB.
If you're not a fluent writer, you can get secret help with your private school application essays.
You and your middle school and high school applicant child will be under the spotlight at your parent and child interviews.
Your child is good enough and smart enough, and private schools admissions decisions, especially at age 4, are largely a load of nonsense.

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