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01-04-2012, 08:44 AM
From Abacus Mom (http://www.abacusmom.com/abacus_mom/2012/01/3-most-common-mistakes-people-make-when-they-write-private-school-admissions-essays.html):

For almost fourteen years, I've been reviewing parents' and students' private school admissions essays.

[H]ere are the three most common mistakes I see again and again on private school essays:

Showing off. Clearly, you don't want to be too modest. But on the flip side, when you make grandiose statements about your child's accomplishments ("Bella knows more about fossils than do many paleontologists") , it can turn the reader off. Be careful. You're walking a fine line.
Showing rather than telling. Surely, you've heard this well-known rule for good writing. It certainly applies to private school essays. You need to have examples to back up your points. For example, I had a client this year who wrote that her child is bright, athletic, and good at math. Do you believe her? She needs supporting evidence.
Writing too much. You know your child is fascinating. You might want to read three pages about her. Unfortunately, your reader has competing interests. You want to use space efficiently and clearly get across your key selling points.

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