View Full Version : All SF St Cecilia Kindergaten acceptance/ rejection for Kindergarten 2012

01-20-2012, 04:32 PM
Our daughter interveiwed for St Cecilia for the 2012 Kindergarten. We received a rejection letter, saying that althought "she was kindergarten ready and tested well" , they don't have a spot for her because of the unusually high application by active St Cecilia parishioners. We are parishioners somewhere else in SF.

Since St Cecilia is a huge school, I am wondering whether our daughter did not test well or whether they do in fact reject non-parishioners and put them on waitlist. Any thoughts? anyone know much about St Cecilia application process?

01-20-2012, 08:02 PM
Coloradomom, I'm sorry to hear about the rejection already from St. Cecilia. That must be frustrating. When we went through the process last year, St. Cecilia and St. Brendan's were quite emphatic about spots going to siblings first and then parishioners with their first child. If any spots happen to be left over, then they'll go to Catholic non-parishioners followed by non-Catholics. Considering how popular these two schools are, there usually are just a few spots left over after the siblings. I think St. Cecilia is being pretty upfront with you and the rejection is probably just an unfortunate result of the numbers game.