View Full Version : BK-All Our experience with PS 11 Brooklyn

01-31-2012, 11:35 AM
Its excellent school!!!. After been on many others schools tour I keep seeing more valuable things at PS11, compare to others in the area, include some private, charter and experimental schools. First its one of the great location, surround historical buildings - what make already beautiful every day commute. On your way you meet many wonderful people of ours the best community in the world, with "hello" and "Good Morning", which already gives you a good vibes. And you feel those happy vibes around school, because excited kids and satisfy parents. School welcome those "not in zone perspective parents", and you will see many cars, well organized at front of school ,bring those lucky kids. Student enter from four different enters, depend on them grades. That make you to avoid crowds and safety for all. I seeing always at main entrance (which we use) a some school staff people which welcome student with huge smile and hugs (incredible but its real!!! I didn`t notice that at others schools).

Principal is absolutely popular and knowing by any students and others. Beautiful, intellectual, excellent manners and well knowledge of kids psychology and needs- demonstrated at conversation with her. All kids know her personally and showing them love to her,she is always there, you meet her every day walking around school. Teachers are great and well knowledgeable, talking respectfully with kids and bring them knowledge with interest and enjoy, that`s why kids have well scored academically and there no conflict situations. Inside school well organized commute between students and that make school conflict free. School is very safe. Family feeling atmosphere. Parents involved in school life. The best after school program with choices more then 20 different activities, include performance at audience for parents and friends on the end of the each sessions (which is 12 weeks), kids provide with healthy fresh snack. School cafeteria is spotless and every parent wanted menu as: veggies,fruits, wholewheat and whole grains,no processed food ,no sugary food.

Every classes full with educational equipments and real arts of made by kids.(which I didn`t see on any other schools around) School open doors for a lot of great family events( check for those on facebook) Kids inside school life busy with all aspects of the life,include political when the 5 graders went to Washington DC and met president this September, when student wearing school uniform with emblem of PS11 went on Downtown meeting against financial corruption and proud to say that on the news NY1 ,you can see it was mention as first school which welcome president Obama. And there a lot of trophies and awards. School very well maintained ,and at low economic time its one of the main parameter. Student is intelligent and very well manners. I am personally spend,as volunteer, 2 hours at school cafeteria to meet students from pre-K till 5 grade. They all bright and amazing kids. After school you can meet many of them at Clinton Hill library ,which another benefit to school location!!! School philosophy is main word Equal and that`s why one of the reason, parents voted away Gifted & Talented class-to bring all student to gifted and talented level!!!

Natasha,mom to proud student of P.S.11(English is not my native language ,pardon the grammar lol)