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The Twin Coach
10-02-2010, 08:05 PM
This is a blog post by the terrific therapist, author, identical twin & mother of twins Dr. Joan A. Friedman on why society doesn't always support a parent's decision to separate their twins in school. Knowing why the choice to separate is so good for your children may help make your school decisions clearer.

by Dr. Joan A. Friedman, PhD

I feel compelled to write because I am outraged, saddened, but not surprised about society’s disingenuous beliefs about the “twin mystique”. A recent experience recounted by an acquaintance of mine has riled my discontent . A conscientious and psychologically sophisticated mom of four-year-old twins decided to separate her fraternal twin daughters into their own classrooms. They had been together the first year of preschool, and both mother and the teachers agreed that the girls would thrive in separate classes. One child has an independent, outgoing, and free spirited personality; her sister has a propensity to be dependent, clinging, and easily frustrated. Mother consulted with friends, family and professionals to discuss her concerns and ideas. Mom’s fraternal twin sisters validated her decision; they were understanding and steadfastly supportive about their nieces needing opportunities and permission to be on their own. Understandably mom was upset and worried when the class roster arrived. She realized that one twin would be in class with all of her friends while her sister would be in a classroom without any former classmates.
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Hope this helps!