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02-14-2012, 11:43 AM
Several parents in the Brooklyn Park Slope/Windsor Terrace area have sent emails soliciting feedback on local preschools. This post regards our experience with ECDC Kaleidoscope, located in Windsor Terrace on Prospect Park Southwest, which is geared for children 2.5 - 4+ years old.
My daughter is mid-way through her second year at Kaleidoscope and we are very pleased with the program. It engages children and encourages them to explore, learn, play and form friendships with each other and their teachers. Each day of the week has a theme (science, art, drama, music, etc) and each month has a theme that relates to the seasons. Fridays are show-and-tell days. Every day includes circle time, reading, outdoor play, etc. and there's a rhythm (routine) that my daughter enjoys. At the end of each session, the school puts on a show for parents that the kids help develop and everyone has a lot of fun participating/watching. The class size is small, which enables teachers to spend more time with each child, and for the children to form a strong rapport with their peers. The program has helped kids learn social and practical skills to transition into kindergarten very effectively (including G&T programs), based on feedback I've heard from parents of the previous graduating classes whose children successfully transitioned to kindergarten / Gifted & Talented programs.
The teachers have been very responsive to our scheduling needs and sorted out an after-school care plan that works for us. They take on considerations for each child and adjust the class accordingly (dietary considerations, pre- and after-school care, etc). They also bring in extracurricular activities after school (e.g. group and private music classes) for those families who are interested.
I can't say enough good things about the quality of the program at Kaleidoscope, the staff and the progress and friendships my daughter has made there.
Given the situation in NYC where there are not enough public-school seats for preschoolers who need them, my husband and I are grateful to have found Kaleidoscope. They are an asset to the Brooklyn community and provide a valuable and essential service to families. If there are any specific questions you have, I can try and answer them.
The school website is: www.ecdckaleidoscope.com (http://www.ecdckaleidoscope.com).

02-05-2013, 08:53 AM
I've heard great things about Kaleidoscope, but unfortunately they are full for 2013 and have a waiting list. Are there other preschools in Windsor Terrace that you would recommend?