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02-15-2012, 09:07 AM
This is a FREE information session. If you are interested, contact the people below, rather than me, since I have nothing to do with it.

Test Accommodations for Middle & Upper School Gifted/2e Students

Gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children require classroom and standardized testing accommodations that reflect their talents and their challenges. They can sometimes compensate by virtue of their intelligence, but very often they encounter significant roadblocks when high-stakes testing taps into their areas of genuine disability.

In this salon, part of Ivy Prep's Parent Salon series, parents and educators will discuss:

• How do I identify the areas that are impacting my child when the measures used in evaluations don’t reflect the level of difficulty at school and on high-stakes tests?
• How does this pattern change over the course of a child’s school experience, and how can I, as a parent, partner with the school for these changing priorities?
• How do I present my child’s ongoing disabilities and justify the need for accommodations as s/he develop
• How do I explain why my child’s disabilities were not identified until late in high school, and how do I get him/her the help and accommodations s/he needs?
• How do I negotiate the different standards for in-school and standardized testing accommodations?
• How do I help my child juggle the demands of a challenging curriculum, remediation, and test prep?
• How do I help my child decide whether to take the SAT or the ACT?
• How do I help my child balance schoolwork and test prep with truly enriching activities that tap into his talents and interests?

Ivy Prep's upcoming Parent Salon addresses how to support gifted and 2e children in the middle- and upper-school grades and outlines specific ways to manage testing during these years.

When: Thursday, March 1, 2012
8:45-10:15 a.m.

Where: Ivy Prep Learning Center
200 East 94 Street, Suite 2414

About: Dr. Rebecca Mannis (Learning Specialist) and Dr. Robin Forman (Psychologist) have worked extensively with gifted and twice-exceptional (gifted with a learning challenge) children in Tri-State area independent schools and specialized/gifted public school programs. They offer more than 30 years each and over 100,000 hours of experience in evaluation, instruction, enrichment, remediation, test prep, consultation with parents, and collaboration with schools.

For Additional Information:
Dr. Robin Forman (212) 721-0729
Dr. Rebecca Mannis (212) 360-5959