View Full Version : All LA Metro Education Resources Moms Can Use: ISEE Prep. Tutoring, Giving Back To Community, Middle/High School Admisssoins

02-16-2012, 06:05 PM
Porcha and I were pleased to participate in a video with Supermommynot.com in advance of an event Beyond The Brochure is co-hosting next Tuesday for some of L.A.ís most influential mom bloggers, called, Education Resources Moms Can Use.

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http://beyondthebrochurela.com/beyond-the-brochure-co-authors-talk-about-education-resources-moms-can-use-on-supermommynot-com/ (http://beyondthebrochurela.com/beyond-the-brochure-co-authors-talk-about-education-resources-moms-can-use-on-supermommynot-com/)