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03-17-2012, 11:29 AM
From Mommy Poppins (http://la.mommypoppins.com/lakids/public-school-choice-in-los-angeles-lausd-charters-magnets-more) by Erika Higgins Ross:

We all want great public schools for our kids, and today in Los Angeles there are more options than ever. So why is making the right choice so complicated? Perhaps because finding all the information you need in one place is so difficult! And rather than attempt to wrestle the enormous topic of public school choice into one article, the Mommy Poppins team is presenting a whole series of articles on public education in Los Angeles.

Your LAUSD Neighborhood School
If you live in the city of LA or some neighboring cities, your children are zoned to go to a specific LAUSD school, which should be relatively close to your home.

Advantages to staying at your local neighborhood school, beyond simplicity, include a feeling of community, having your children's schoolmates live nearby, and the ability to walk to school. Disadvantages can include being at the whim of the district's budget cuts and feeling that as a parent you have no say in hiring, curriculum development, or other decisions that impact your child.

LAUSD Magnet Programs
The LAUSD magnet program was created in the 1970s... to empower parents to be able to choose a school in a different neighborhood that might better serve their child. There are approximately 172 Magnet programs currently within the LAUSD boundaries. These include diverse programs, from gifted magnets to performing arts, sports medicine, and technology magnets. A list is available on the Choices section of the LAUSD website.

Applications for magnet programs are due in December for the following September, through the Choices catalog. Each student can apply to only one magnet program per year, and the magnet system is not a straight lottery.

Charter Schools
You've probably heard the terms being bandied around in playground conversation: "charter school," "conversion," "start-up," "affiliated," "independent." What's it all mean?

First of all, charter schools are public schools. The official LAUSD website states that they view charter schools as "part of the District's family and as an asset from which we can learn." Charter schools are meant to be laboratories in which innovative practices and teaching models generate data that can help improve all public schools.

Parents can apply to more than one independent charter (as opposed to affiliated charters and magnets: the Choices application only allows a single choice). Over the next few weeks, most independent charters will be having their final open houses for the upcoming school year.

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LAUSD Families have a few more choices including School for Advanced Studies (SAS), Romero Transfer Act, Open Enrollment, and just showing up without a permit, or leaving LAUSD all together. Here is a list of all LAUSD choices (https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Aplb9NMLu_RvdFJTUWw1YnVrc3ZfWTEzeF9XTDEwb Xc&hl=en&output=html)

hopechangechoices.org (http://www.hopechangechoices.org) is another site that tries to help all parents learn about the school choice options in LAUSD