View Full Version : All NYC The Key to Successfully Prepping Your Child for the Stanford-Binet? Start Early!

03-26-2012, 10:08 AM
Bright Kids NYC (http://www.brightkidsnyc.com/2012/03/the-key-to-successfully-prepping-your-child-for-the-stanford-binet-start-early/) shares their insight on what it takes to successfully prep for the Stanford-Binet, the entrance exam required by Hunter College Elementary School. In the past years, applicants have had to score in the 99.5th percentile to qualify for the second round playdate/interview. Below, Bright Kids NYC explains why it's important to start the prepping early:

1. Vocabulary- The Stanford-Binet is an incredibly verbal exam and children must possess an extensive vocabulary. Not only must they understand what is being asked of them, but they must also be able to clearly and concisely express their understanding of a concept. Building vocabulary takes time, as does getting young children able to define words in a succinct manner, which is something that even the most chatty of children struggle with.

2. Stamina- The Stanford-Binet is a long exam and children will have to sit still and be engaged for much longer than they are used to. One of the most important aspects of tutoring young children for exams like the Stanford-Binet is building their stamina so that they can be successful when the time comes to sit with the psychologist. Chances are your childís preschool teacher knows that the best way to keep children engaged is to have short periods with hands-on activities. Thatís appropriate for the classroom, but will not help her sit through this exam.

3. Complexity- Mastering the concepts the children will be tested on is essential to success on a test as complex as the SB. While on many exams, children are given all of the questions in a particular subtest at once, on the SB the proctor will skip around preventing the children from developing comfort with each subtest. This means that children must be prepared for the types of questions prior to heading into the testing room.

4. Competition- Getting into Hunter College Elementary School is extremely difficult and without a score in the 99.5th percentile your child has no chance to show the admissions staff what a great addition to their school he would be. Much like students preparing for the SAT, families know that the earlier you begin preparing, the better chance you have of getting into a top tier school.

Bright Kids NYC has been preparing New York Cityís brightest children for the Stanford-Binet for years now. Our knowledgeable staff and master teachers know what it takes to be successful and partner with families to see to every childís individual needs. If you are interested in working with one of our teachers or purchasing books to prepare your child at home, call 917-539-4575.