View Full Version : Manhattan-Downtown Shuang Wen School inquiry reveals deep “dishonest behavior”

04-20-2012, 04:26 PM
From GothamSchools (http://gothamschools.org/2012/04/20/shuang-wen-school-inquiry-reveals-deep-dishonest-behavior/) by Rachel Cromidas:

A sprawling investigation into the leadership of a controversial dual-language school in Chinatown concluded that the school’s principal had falsified attendance data and accepted money from a non-profit hired to administer after school language lessons.

The Department of Education will move to fire Ling Ling Chou, who was removed from the school in September while as many as 16 different investigations were underway.

According to the report, she frequently faked numbers when reporting information about the school to the city and the United States Department of Education, including student attendance records and the length of the school day. The report does not conflict with a different report released last year by the special commissioner of investigations, which found that Chou and other staffers committed multiple improprieties, but did not outright steal public money.

“For years, Principal Chou engaged in dishonest behavior, unbeknownst to her students and school community,” said Chancellor Dennis Walcott in a statement. “Principal Chou’s conduct has failed to meet the standard we set for our principals, and I am filing charges to terminate her employment.”

Among other substantiated allegations, investigators found that Chou accepted thousands of dollars from a non-profit that administers the school’s after school program, called Shuang Wen Academy Network, for performing administrative duties for the organization and serving as summer director of its after school programs. Chou said she resigned from serving on the organization’s board on the advice of a principals’ union representative, who warned that her actions could lead to an OSI investigation into conflicts of interest.

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