View Full Version : All SF Update on Transportation Services for San Francisco Public Schools for the 2012-13 School Year

05-08-2012, 04:57 PM
Due to ongoing state budget cuts, the district has been planning reductions to general education transportation since 2010. In addition to addressing the budget crisis, the district has been updating general education transportation services so they are more aligned with the commitments outlined in the strategic plan and the new student assignment policy adopted in 2010.

The Board of Education approved a new transportation policy (http://www.sfusd.edu/en/assets/sfusd-staff/transportation/files/transportation-policy.pdf) in December 2010 after a yearlong process that included engaging and gathering feedback from the community. It was the first revision to the transportation policy since the 1970s.
Staff shared a three-year implementation plan (http://www.sfusd.edu/en/assets/sfusd-staff/transportation/files/three-year-implementation-plan.pdf), including a list of impacted schools, with the Board, principals, and families in February 2011.
The first year of the three-year plan was implemented in the 2011-12 school year.

What is changing in 2012-13?

There will be 8 fewer buses (going from 38 buses in 2011-12 to 30 buses in 2012-13). Due to the fact that the State underfunds the costs of transportation, this will result in $800,000 less being taken out of funds needed for schools.

Six elementary schools with very low ridership will lose general education transportation services in 2012-13: Bryant, Cleveland, SF Community, Cobb, McKinley, and Sheridan.
42 elementary schools will receive modified general education transportation services in 2012-13. Stops with low ridership and stops within 1/2 mile of each other will be deleted. Some stops in areas of the city with the highest average test scores will also be deleted.
Services from Carver and Starr King to Aptos and services from Treasure Island to Marina will be added, providing new services to students who are going to attend their middle school feeder.
Families who want to receive general education transportation services for the existing stops in 2012-13 will have to submit a Request for General Education Transportation Services (http://www.sfusd.edu/en/transportation/transportation-enrollment-form.html).

How did you decide which changes to make for the 2012-13 school year?

All decisions were guided by the Board of Educationís policy guidelines and budget reduction goals. Within this context, every effort was made to minimize the impact on families by trying to:

avoid changes to bell schedules;
maintain as many stops as possible in areas of the city with the lowest average test scores;
maintain as many stops as possible to after school programs; and
maintain as many stops as possible that currently have large numbers of students using the stop.

How can I learn more?

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.sfusd.edu/en/assets/sfusd-staff/transportation/files/transportation-faq.pdf) for more information or review the school bus schedules (http://www.sfusd.edu/en/transportation/school-bus-schedules.html) for 2012-13.