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05-11-2012, 10:39 AM
Finding the right preschool can be a daunting and stressful experience for parents in L.A. For some, the anxiety derives from trying to get one's child into a highly sought-after program where demand far outstrips spots available. While for others, they're just trying to learn the difference between Montessori and play-based and find the right fit for their child. Leave it to Irene Byrne, a savvy, experienced preschool director, to write a book to help restore sanity to L.A. parents and guide them through the preschool search process.

In her book "Preschools L.A.", Irene offers tips and pointers on everything from preschool philosophies to questions to ask during and after a tour. You'll also find information and reviews on 75 of the area's preschools.

Irene has graciously offered to share the "Preschool Tours Do's and Don'ts!" section from her book with The School Boards. You'd be surprised how often the "Don'ts" happen during tours:

Do arrive on time.
Do not leave early unless it is an emergency and let the director know in advance.
Do dress neatly.
Do not dress like you are going out on the town.
Do turn off your cell phone.
Do not text/email during the tour.
Do ask questions.
Do not hog all the question and answer time.
Do observe as long as expected in each classroom.
Do not stay behind in a classroom when the tour moves on.
Do interact with the other touring parents as you may learn something.
Do not talk to other parents while the tour guide / director is talking.
Do remember to thank the director for taking the time to give you a tour.
Do apply if you like the school.

To buy the book "Preschools L.A.", you can go online (http://www.phoebehearstpreschool.org/shop/) or pick up a copy locally at Chevaliers or Children's Book World.