View Full Version : All NYC For-Profit Private School York Prep in Manhattan Is Calling Its Own Shots

05-29-2012, 10:21 AM
From N.Y. Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/28/nyregion/in-manhattan-a-for-profit-private-school-that-calls-its-own-shots.html) by Jenny Anderson:

Here are a few of the ways that Ronald P. Stewart, co-founder and headmaster of the York Preparatory School, thinks his school is different from other New York City private schools:

It has no board of directors (“why would I hire someone who could fire me?”). It accepts more than half the students who apply (“we do not seek to be the most exclusive school in Manhattan”). And after York takes $36,000 or more from parents each year, Mr. Stewart has no qualms about telling them to back off. “The student is our client,” he says.

Even the school’s origin is evidence that it is a different species. While many schools have century-old histories that began with educational or religious visionaries, Mr. Stewart, a British barrister who once defended Charles Kray, an infamous London mobster, founded the school with his wife because they wanted to work together and have their summers free to spend at a camp in Maine.

“Kids are nicer than psychopaths,” he chirped in his English accent.

In a city where private schools and residents exude ambition, York is an outlier. At a time when the most prestigious schools accept less than 10 percent of applicants, York takes almost 60 percent, some of them having been nudged out of the more selective schools. About a third have diagnoses of learning disabilities, and they are integrated in classes and tracked by ability.

Behind all of it is Mr. Stewart, an impassioned, engagingly bombastic and occasionally loose-tongued leader who is one of the city’s longest-tenured headmasters, a testament not only to his success but also to his unassailability, as he and his wife, Jayme, own the school.

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