View Full Version : All SF Farewell, SFUSD

06-17-2012, 10:30 PM
We tried. We really did. We enrolled our son at the local public school for kindergarten because we believed in the concept of the neighborhood school. We volunteered every chance we got for the regular student body and after-school program. We loved his teacher, most of the kids and parents. But from the beginning of the school year to the final week, administrators were unwilling and/or unable to do anything about a small but significant core of kids who bullied my son (among others). The principal looked the the other way until I forced her hand by contacting the district. And even then she took minimal measures because she wanted the school to be a showcase for "restorative justice" (she's very ambitious), and the bullies just kept coming back and doing the same things over and over.

SFUSD claims to have a anti-bullying policy, but their "social and restorative" justice guarantee that school days are dominated by those who have no interest in learning or getting along with others. The rights of others come second. So, we reached the VERY painful conclusion that a local parochial school will provide the environment the kid needs to focus on working in class without someone punching his face in the middle of class. Yes, kids have a right to an education, but it should not supersede the rights of those who want to learn. SFUSD doesn't grasp this concept, so we are bidding them adieu.