View Full Version : All SF Which schools is the Archdiocese of SF closing?

10-14-2010, 08:19 AM
Saw this the other day:


Anybody know which 2-4 schools will the Archdiocese be closing? Also which of the "dozen" are considered struggling? The class size at several of the Catholic elementary schools is already 30-35 so I wonder whether classes are going to get even bigger.

10-15-2010, 09:15 AM
In the link you included, the Archdiocese plan has four benchmarks for identitying struggling schools: Declining enrollment; physical plant in need of repair without adequate funds to do the repairs; leadership issues including a poor relationship between pastor and principal and lack of parent and parish advisory boards; and inadequate financial management and/or operating at a financial loss.

The grade-school enrollment benchmark has three separate guidelines within it: enrollment falling below 225; a trend of three years of declining enrollment; and a decrease of 15 or more students from previous years.

Looking at the 5 year enrollment study by the Archdiocese (http://www.sfdcs.org/dcs/sites/default/files/docs/strategic_plan/5yrElemEnrollStudy_08-09.pdf), here is the list of schools that meet two or more of the criteria outlined in the letter (enrollment for from 2003-04 to 2007-08 in parenthesis):

Ranked by greatest % decline:

St. Mary Chinese
114 (241/226/197/155/137)

St. Anthony/Immaculate Conception
159 (320/241/232/218/204)

Megan Furth Academy
113 (216/165/164/155/128)

Corpus Christi
204 (294/283/264/270/221)

St. Elizabeth
162 (238/217/192/194/176)

Good Shepherd (San Mateo)
225 (310/2992/275/264/259)

Our Lady of the Visitatcion
199 (259/246/231/222/204)

St. Monica
157 (214/191/176/159/165)

Mission Dolores
189 (215/212/207/193/183)

Star of the Sea
207 (250/227/228/220/203)

St. James
188 (201/197/188/173/175)

St. Rita (Marin)
146 (207/152/138/132/147)

St. Raphael (Marin)
170 (182/172/185/178/167)