View Full Version : All SF Waitpool update

08-31-2012, 04:32 PM
From Carol Lei of PPS-SF:

Iíve gotten word that there are some schools where the waitpools have been exhausted and the schools still have openings. If you are still waiting and want to consider another school, it might be worthwhile to go to EPC to check which schools have openings without waitpools to transfer now. Most of these are Elementary seats. (And no, I donít know which schools have openings, sorry.)

EPC was surprised at some higher demand schools with high drop-out numbers this year, compared to previous years. Itís unfortunate that so many families had to wait so long to get in because other families didnít notify EPC that they were dropping out.

For those waiting for immersion seats, I was told that caps were adjusted and additional students have been assigned. If you got an immersion seat, let us know so others will know that open seats are being filled.