View Full Version : All SF San Francisco Unified School District Receives Academic Performance Index of 807 for 2012

10-11-2012, 10:36 AM
From SFUSD press release:

The California Department of Education announced scores today that show the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has surpassed the state target of 800 with a Growth Academic Performance Index (API) score of 807. SFUSD is now 11 API points higher than its 2011 Base API of 796.

“Surpassing the 800 API mark is a huge milestone for our city and our schools,” says Superintendent Richard A. Carranza. “San Francisco can count itself among only a few large urban school districts in the State that have exceeded the 800 target for academic performance. This achievement is the result of the collective efforts of many, including teachers, students and parents as well as community organizations that support children and families and SF residents, who time and again vote to support public schools.”

Over half of the district’s schools (52 percent or 51/98 reported schools) have an API score of 800 and above. School-wide API growth targets were met by 84 percent of reported schools, up ten percentage points from last year.

In addition to measuring whether or not a school meets its overall targets, the state progress report looks at whether or not subgroups at every school are meeting growth targets. Over half of the schools (55 percent or 54/98) met both their school-wide and subgroup API targets.

For English language learners, over two-thirds (68 percent) of schools met their subgroup growth targets. Of the district schools with statistically significant African-American enrollment, 11 out of 16 (69 percent) met their subgroup targets. For Latinos, 55 percent (28/51) of schools met their subgroup growth targets.

However, as the district did not meet federal “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) targets for all subgroups, it remains in Program Improvement. In AYP, the federal government measures what percentage of students are scoring at proficient and above; and the percentage required goes up each year by about ten percent. The required percentage of students proficient or above for unified school districts in 2012 is 78 percent in English Language arts and 78.2 percent in mathematics.

Below is the list of elementary schools with API scores above 900:

John Yehall Chin 987
Alice Fong Yu 954
Chinese Immersion School at DeAvila 951
Clarendon Alternative 949
Ulloa Elementary 936
Stevenson (Robert Louis) 931
Lawton Alternative 928
Peabody (George) 928
Grattan 923
Sunset 919
Lafayette 918
Yick Wo 918
Jefferson 910
Alamo 909
Sherman 908
West Portal 906
Claire Lilienthal 904
Francis Scott Key 901

Here are the API scores for all the schools in the district: 78