View Full Version : All NYC Don't believe schools that say: "Rank us 1st"

12-05-2012, 09:09 AM
From Insideschools.org (http://insideschools.org/blog/item/1000534-high-schools-tell-parents-rank-us-1st) by Pamela Wheaton:
Applying to high school in New York City is complicated, but some schools are making it even harder by giving out misleading or downright wrong information, Insideschools has learned.

Schools are telling 8th graders and their families that they must rank a school first on their application or they won't be considered for a spot, according to many parents we have heard from.

The problem is, that's not true.

"There are no schools that require students to rank the school first on their application in order to be considered," Rob Sanft, director of student enrollment at the Education Department wrote in an email. "Students should rank schools based on their order of preference. Schools do not see where an applicant ranks them on their application."

Parents tell us that during open houses many school officials say "rank us first," partly out of enthusiasm for their schools, partly because they don't know themselves how the admissions process works. "It might be the parent coordinator or the head of the parent association, or someone who doesn't know how the procedure works," said Sarah Reines, whose 8th grade daughter is applying to high school. Sometimes it's the middle school guidance counselor who gives out erroneous information.

Among the schools telling parents to rank them first are Eleanor Roosevelt, Millennium, NYC Lab School, Kappa International and The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction. The specialized high schools say the same thing.

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