View Full Version : Richmond-Presidio Is there something wrong with Mother Goose School?

02-05-2013, 09:18 AM
I just came across this board, it's great btw, but haven't seen much on MGS. I visited it, read the reviews across various sites, but this board doesn't have too much discussion on this one school...is there something wrong with it?

It looks very structured, maybe a little too much so depending on your child?

Tuition is very affordable running at $1400 for full time M-F including a hot lunch (7am - 6pm).

Is there something I'm missing as this is not one of the more sought after schools?

02-05-2013, 10:07 PM
I currently have a child at Mother Goose School and my older daughter (currently enrolled at the Hamlin School) graduated from MGS in 2011.
As my wife and I researched pre-schools, I'd agree that there wasn't a ton of info out there about MGS.
I've been meaning to add content now that I have first hand experience, as obviously you really only gain a topical view of the school by doing the tour/visit.
First off, we find the staff and school itself to be quite charming. The curriculum is thoughtful as well as challenging for the kids.
My daughter found herself up to speed with her classmates when she started Kindergarten - with regards to reading and writing.
The tuition cost, as you mentioned, is modest considering the hours that the school is open and meals/snacks being included.
The location (inner Richmond/Seacliff area) can be challenging if you work downtown, but also given the location the drop-off and pickups are easy.
The facility is a bit on the older side, but given the size of the property and the fact that it is multi-leveled and has its own playground, space is not an issue.
As far as the structure, it seems to work well for the kids as the children go through a program by levels (A through E) predicated on age and skills that are being taught in preparation for entering Kindergarten.
All in all, we are happy with our decision to send our kids to MGS.
Hope this helps.