View Full Version : Manhattan-All Eligible for G&T with low score + way-listed at zoned School

04-16-2013, 07:36 PM
My daughter is eligible for district 2 G&T. Her score is in the low 90s so I think her chances of getting in anywhere are slim. We only like one district 2 G&T program, which is close to our home, and would potentially apply there.

Most importantly, she has been wait-listed at our (excellent!) zone school and will have to wait (until June?) to see whether the wait-list clears and she is offered a seat.

Our FIRST choice is our zone school, which we like better than even the G&T.

Should we apply at the G&T? Will we potentially lose the chance to be offered a seat at the zoned school? If she doesn't get offered a seat at the G&T will she have less of a priority at the zoned school simply because she applied to the other school? We're afraid of lessening her chances of getting an offer at either school...

Can someone help us understand?
Thank you!

04-16-2013, 07:47 PM
Waitlists at most zone schools clear up by the time school starts. As kids accept their G&T offers, spots will definitely open up. That said, applying to the G&T program you like won't impact her priority at the zoned school. You'll be removed from the waitlist only IF you accept a G&T spot when offered. Hope that helps.